God of War

If I had one suggestion to make the game better..

God of War 9 - If I had one suggestion to make the game better..

Not that the devs would ever read this but if they did and it were possible to update the game (or include it in the next one)

I think it would be great to have a quicker way to change out runic attacks.

There are so many amazing runic attacks and different ways they need to be used. Maybe you start with Hyperion grapple but you need to switch to gift of Apollo because you took some damage.

Or maybe you started with Hel's touch but the enemy is far away so you want to switch to leviathans wake..

Well right now you'd have to open the menu, which automatically opens to the map, click left 2 or 3 times past resources, armor, and finally to weapons.

Then in weapons you have to select the right weapon (clicking right past the axe, and even the shield despite it only being cosmetic, to finally get to the blades) then finally you can choose light or heavy and you get your list.

But what if it were more like this….if you had your blades out, you press a certain button and a mini-menu pops out with the light runic attacks on top and heavy runic attacks on bottom.

Or let's say the button is R3 + ?

If it's R3 + R1 and you have your blades out it shows you your light runic attacks for the blades

R3 + R2 and you have your blades out shows you your heavy runic attacks.

If you want to change your axe runic attacks you pull out your axe and press the exact same buttons.

The mini-menu could be sort of like how you choose guns in GTA (or RDR2) where it doesn't go to a full blown menu but rather a little one that lets you select that specific thing.

I think this would help the flow of the game a lot because I know I personally have elected not to switch attacks sometimes (especially mid-battle)because of what a hassle it is and how it throws me off.

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But if it were much quicker, it could be great. And I don't think that seems like the biggest thing to add. Even if you can't make it a mini-menu at this time, you could at least create a short cut straight to that part of the menu.

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