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If we manage to get our hands on Mjölnir, how do you think it should function mechanically?

God of War 5 - If we manage to get our hands on Mjölnir, how do you think it should function mechanically?

NOTICE: this post contains spoilers for gameplay mechanics in both Doom Eternal, and Ghost of Tsushima. If you haven't played either of those games, and would like too, be careful.

With the fact that Mjölnir functions so similarly to the Leviathan axe, and the fact that it has been built up throughout the game as basically being the magical equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction, how do you think it should function in game to keep it fun and do justice to how powerful it is ment to be without unbalancing the game and making your other weapons obsolete?

I have a few ideas:

(1) it could function like the crucible blade in Doom Eternal. Where you build up charge by killing enemies, and whip it out to deliver one-hit kills.

(2) it could work like ghost stance from Ghost of Tsushima. Where you build up charge by killing enemies without being hit, and when it's charged you can go on a Mjölnir rampage similar to Spartan rage, where you can massacre through groups of enemies.

(3) it could work like a rune, that you unleash, but which has a cool down before being available again.

(4) it could function as a regular weapon, but against enemies that are weak to shock damage. Similar to how the blades of chaos allow us to hurt hel walkers properly. I think this is the most likely option, based on what they have done in the past, but not necessarily the most interesting.

(5) it could function as an area-of-effect weapon. Similar to how the Leviathan axe and blades of chaos serve different functions, that the axe deals high damage on a small amount of targets, but the blades have a further reach with lower damage, the hammer could deal damage to all enemies in a large area surrounding Kratos. For this to work however, it would need to deal lower damage than the axe, which would make it feel very weak compared to how it's been described.


(6) the hammer could act as a slow weapon that deals high damage and stagger, reserved for larger enemies. It could be the case that, due to the hammers immense weight, Kratos will not be able to swing the weapon quick enough to be effective against smaller enemies. So the hammer will fill the purpose of being effective against larger enemies that are more difficult to damage and stagger, such as trolls, ogres, travellers, and even ancients.

(7) it could replace the Leviathan axe. Perhaps the axe will be destroyed by Thor, and Kratos will kill him with his bare hands in a rage, after losing one of his last connections to his wife. I hope they don't do this, as I love the axe, but it could create a very powerful and emotional moment.

(8) Kratos and Atreus could decide that they need to destroy the hammer. They could see the Asesir getting their hands back on the hammer too big up a risk, and resolve to destroy it in the forges of Svartalheim where it was created. This would be an interesting excuse to travel to a new realm and undo Brok and Sindris mistake. It may even be the main call to adventure at the beginning of the game. It would be a pity to never get to use the hammer though.

What do you guys think? If you have any other ideas about how the hammer could work, I'd love to hear them.

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