God of War

If You are stuck at Sirgun Boss Fight Read THIS!!

God of War 7 - If You are stuck at Sirgun Boss Fight Read THIS!!

Tip 1: get the (amulet of kvasir) or if you are playing on NG+ you can get it and trade it for the (Perfect mark of kvasir+) at the shop

Tip 2: try to learn from your mistakes go in the boss battle and try to perfect dodge her attacks if you have the amulet of kvasir on or the perfect mark of kvasir+ if you dodge at the last second a realm shift will trigger and you can do so much damage during this realm shift so the whole point is go in and train with her if you perfected the game will be easy as hell

Tip 3: if your asking how to use the amulet and when to dodge I have the best things you can do first of all when you see her fly throw your axe at her but be careful cuz there is a flying attack that can’t be stopped by the axe throw which is the attack where she flys and rushes at you with her weapon to hit you this attack can be easily dodged just dodge to the back or to the right at the last second and get in a real shift you can start throwing your axe at her but make sure to get away from her first and be ready cuz she will attack again in this move she has , and there is the attack where she flys up and send a blast of mist at you making it hard to see just quick turn away from her then back at her again this attack she has if you wasn’t looking at her directly you won’t be affected, another attack where she spins fast there is 2 spin attack one that is like swinging at you with her wings and one that she is only spinning in her place fast dealing so much damage the first one can be dodged with the last second dodge that puts you into a realm shift and you can just hit her from there and the other one MAKE SURE YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY FAST IT CAN BE DODGED AT THE FIRST TIME BUT YOU CANT STAY NEAR HER just throw your ace from far away, and the one where she flys at you 3 times trying to grab you from the head she might do it once or 3 times just roll away from it , and the Valhalla one she will most likely do it 3 times so if you go into a realm shift by dodging at the last second you can hit her with a heavy attack and she will stop doing the move and you can do a combo after that, and there is the attack where she rushes at you and slams her weapon in the ground roll away from that and perfect dodge the attack that she follows with after the slam and you can do a combo from here, lastly ALWAYS dodge to the right never to the left unless she does the ice attack where she shoots ice at you or the lava attack where she shoots lava from the sky at you or the one that she tries to grab your head and slam it on the ground and the one where she throws golden rings at you other than that always dodge to the right


Tip 3: This tip is only to the people who are playing on NG+, it might seem hard but get the (Perfect mark of the traveler+) this will help you a lot because it makes you invincible to any one hit attacks but be CAREFUL it takes 6 mins to activate this is hard because you will need at least 1,350,000 hacksliver to get it and 164 skap slag the 1,350,000 hacksliver is for upgrading the traveler armor you need the + version is f it don’t buy the normal one just upgrade it to the max and trade it for the enchantment at the shop

This is the build I used, I beated her in 5m and 37 seconds on (Give me god of war) (NG+) It took me a lot of time but I did it and make sure to get the health resurrection stone you will need it this is the build I used (NG+) BTW:

  • Armor with the enchantments :

• Cuirass Of Zeus

 Heart Of The Valkyrie + Njord’s Temporal Stone + Perfect Mark Of Kvasir + 

• Gauntlets Of Zeus

 Just use any enchantments that gives u 6% Bare-Handed-Damage 

•War Belt Of Zeus

 Perfect Mark Of The Traveler + Leviathans Eye + Asgard’s Shard Of Existence + 
  • Tailsman:

• Tailsman Of The Realm +

 Eye Of The Winged Chosen + Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind + Heart Of Vanaheim + 

And For The BOI I used (Tunic Of the Champion)

  • Weapons And Handles:

  • Axe:

    Handle: Forbidden Grip Of the Ages +

• Runic Attacks:

 Try’s Revenge The River Of Knives 
  • Blades Of Chaos:

    Handle: Grips Of The Valkyrie +

• Runic Attacks:

 Blast Of Hephaestus Hyperion Grapple 
  • Boys Bow

    Wrath Of The Wolves

And I forgot to mention a strategy you can use that I used to defeat her first when you start use Tyr’s Revenge Then Switch To The Blades Of Chaos And use Blast Of Hephaestus Then do The Hyperion Grapple then Press L1 + O To activate you tailsman DO THIS AS FAST AS POSSIBLE then hit her once to change the stance then spam R1, in the middle of the attack hold the Square button to make Atreus Shoot his Runic Summon then continue Spamming R1 Until she runs away This will Take a Huge Amount of her health And damage her a lot of you have the build up 👆.

I hope this helped you and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments about anything👍.

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