God of War

I’m really glad they chose not to include the sniper rifle

God of War 8 - I’m really glad they chose not to include the sniper rifle

Just beat GOW2018 and I was really happy with the weapon selection in the game. I never got tired of the axe but was still pleasantly surprised by the bow and the blades.

I know it can be a tough decision to refrain from adding dozens of weapons in modern games, especially with an rpg shop and upgrade system but I’m really proud of Santa Monica studios for keeping the sniper rifle out.

First of all, it would have clashed with the bow. The bow has great range and if they added a sniper rifle they would have probably lowered the range for the bow. Also the combat in this game is mostly close range (except for when I spammed the axe throw through all of alfheim) so adding a second long range weapon would have been unnecessary.

Also the maps just weren’t made for a sniper rifle, there is cliffs and and construction equipment hanging everywhere that would get in the way with a scoped rifle.

Although I believe that Brok and Sindri definitely could build a sniper rifle or assault rifle I would take away from their time building armor and it would be one more thing to upgrade and manage at the shop. If anyone is going to use the sniper rifle I say it’s probably Freya but she doesn’t even engage in combat for most of the game so it would just be standing against the wall in her hut the whole time. It just wouldn’t be Kratos’ style to use a sniper rifle and why would you put such a signature weapon in the game if your protagonist isn’t going to be the one using it.

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