God of War

Is anyone afraid of the Ghost of Bioware?

God of War 3 - Is anyone afraid of the Ghost of Bioware?

Something that's been a topic in my friends circle was the debacle of Anthem and Bioware's development cycle. Specifically how grossly mismanaged it was for so long despite the large amount of money put into it. I draw a similarity between Anthem and God of War 4 in that God of War 4 needed major tweaking when a Sony Executive came to Santa Monica and told Cory that he wasn't happy with it (Or as I recall articles/cory saying so). Cory thankfully found a way to fix w.e was wrong and made God of War 4 what it was which to be frank is a master piece and one of the best games i've had the pleasure of playing. And damn i've played quite a lot on the Playstation since PS1 Days.

So my fear is that the same thing can happen now with God of War 5 with how big they want to make it but also how much push back Cory may get on certain things like never before. God of War has huge expectations from fans which will make Devs nervous as they sit down to think about fun ideas and execute them as they want. But it also has huge expectations from Corporate that may want to provide 'helpful' suggestions to the Devs in order to make sure the game is profitable and that it goes smoothly.


Another thing that I feel may hurt God of War 5 is that Sony has more or less put an Iron Cross over Santa Monica in making sure the sequel is released on the PlayStation 5 in order to help boosts the new Consoles sale when its released (anyone know when it will be released? I've heard only guess work from multiple experts and not much from Sony themselves). The new console will carry with it new tools which developers will need to learn and we could see Santa Monica Developers compete for time to ask questions to Sony's experts with other studios that are working on there own things. Tools may create bad glitches that may need to be worked around and cause quality for the game to deplete from the start like we saw with Anthem.

Now with all of the naysaing i've just made I think I do need to point out that the major difference between Santa Monica and Bioware is that they didn't change up there leadership/coaching staff throughout there projects. Something that they did do with there developers from God of War 1,2, and 3. So far its only been Cory as the leader/director and so there may be one consistent vision/voice in the project. Moreover, Cory's passion for the game and for what he wants to make seems to be set in stone and so we may not see a huge pivot from what we got in God of War 4.

Any thoughts on the subject manner? Do you think maybe i'm just hyperventaliting a bit too much? Any updates you'd like to share about the devs? Please let me know 🙂

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