God of War

It is done

God of War 5 - It is done

GOMGOW+ Sigrun is beaten.

I finally get to make one of these threads. Sorry no video, I haven't connected my ps4 and my YouTube yet (haven't really figured out the whole broadcasting thing in general)

A few notes: I did it with fully upgraded Ares gear (the whole set) but even with it she could still two shot me with any major attack.

A fun fact: I didn't do normal GMGOW, I did give me a challenge and then went straight to GMGOW+ and it's absolutely incredible the difference.

I used to struggle hard against sigrun on challenge mode but after days of fighting her on GMGOW+ mode I went back to my challenge mode save and literally laughed as i was fighting her. I kept saying "look at you, cute little baby. You're adorable!"

Because it was adorable! It was like a little toddler in comparison to her GMGOW+ form. Heck I fought her with valkery gear (non-upgraded) which made her bar purple (as opposed to the upgraded ivaldi's gear I had been using) and still killed her on my 2nd try (would've only taken just one try but I started goofing off)

But again….I couldn't come close to doing that just a week ago. However after I finally got good enough to beat the GMGOW+ version (fighting her was like intense training) going back to challenge mode was just so easy.

For the record: I didn't keep count of how many tries it took me (I wish I had) but I do know that I started trying December 5 and on the 6th spent about 6 hours straight trying. And while it was a pretty busy week so I wasn't playing all the time, I put in at least a couple of hours a day. With each try ranging from just a few minutes to barely a few seconds so….it had to have been over 100 tries. More probably.

It would've taken me a lot longer and possibly given me a massive heart attack (no seriously I had chest pains on that second day) if not for a wonderful little trick that I would advise anyone struggling with sigrun to try: I went into the settings—the audio settings—where you've got "music", "dialogue", and "SFX" and I turned music and dialogue both to ZERO.

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On a regular boss, or if you're good enough to already beat her, the music and dialogue is fine…. The music is exciting and the dialogue is fun and sometimes even helpful ("fire on your right!" For example)

But when you know you're gonna lose over and over and over again possibly a hundred times or more…..well the music increases the stress and the dialogue……quadruples it…squared…times a thousand.

I mean for the living God's sake, how am I supposed to hear boy yell "Father? FATHER!!!" and "Don't leave me all alone here!" again and again dozens and dozens of times.

Not to mention Mimir "have you considered a tactical retreat?" Or "well that's just perfect!"

Again and again and again…..

I needed it to become a calm sport like process. I even imagined commentators talking sometimes like it was a football game and they were complimenting her strategy (that way I didn't get too upset when she beat me)

I found I did the best when I laid back and stayed as calm as possible. It all comes down to just not making mistakes.

Ps: GMGOW Baldur (3rd fight) feels like this is how the devs really wanted the fight to be. For example: on hard mode, Baldur's jump move is so easy to dodge I couldn't figure out why it was even in the game But on GMGOW it's actually like a Valkery's Valhalla attack and very dangerous

Anyway….I just had to get all that off my chest. Sorry for the novel.

If anyone needs tips on sigrun I feel like I could write an instruction manual on her since we spent so long getting to know each other.

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