God of War

It’s weird, the side quests in this game are… fun

God of War 1 - It’s weird, the side quests in this game are... fun

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I feel like most other games like this or just games in general have a theme of trying to extend game time by adding meaningless side quests into the game. The newer Assassins Creed games are known for this with boring side quests and encouraging people that what makes a game good is it’s length and not it’s gameplay and story.

I recently decided that since the new God of War is coming out next year I would try to 100% God of War (2018) so I could get the most story and lore out of the game. I imagined that doing the side quests would be only going from place A to place B, grabbing an item, going back to place A, then you get a reward. I was so wrong.

The God of War side quests have you going to unique locations that you never would have found otherwise each time, with interesting puzzles and dialogue and an actual intriguing story. Take the Family Problems side quest for example (it might have been split up into two quests but I don’t remember what the first one was if they did) Side Quest spoilers ahead: In the family problems side quest you slowly start to learn about the family of the sprit along with getting rewards for doing so. It has puzzles that are just as good as the main story puzzles along with Mimir teaching us about how things could’ve happened, for example when you get in the ship with the traveler on it and we find the Whetstone covered with blood, which Mimir tells us that it was probably used to smash the son’s face in after killing the father. I also found it funny and interesting how Atreus was going on and on about him killing his father while Kratos is trying to defend it a little bit.


To add on to what I was saying earlier about going to unique locations that you never would have seen otherwise I would like to point to the example of a side quest (that I forgot the name of) that I’m currently doing where you are going to a stronghold. Now I’m not very far in it but the atmosphere there is incredible. There is fog covering the ground as you walk through it and there’s also fog in the air out of bounds. Sometimes enemies like to spawn in the foggy areas making for a tense fight along with the fog covering up where you are going next sometimes so you have a sense of mystery.

Overall what I want you to take away from this is that I feel that God of War is one of the rare games that make side quests enjoyable and not repetitive and that I hope that other games start doing this too because it makes for a massively more enjoyable end game, and overall experience. Thank you for reading this.

Edit: side quest spoilers not side quest and spoilers lol

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