God of War

Just wanted to thank this reddit Niflheim Trick for Anchor of Fog

God of War 9 - Just wanted to thank this reddit Niflheim Trick for Anchor of Fog

Only have to do 2 boss combat rooms no extra combat rooms.

I've had so many frustrations with the run since I'm not great with the combat specially that it's my first NG+ run so gears aren't really optimized.

Still using the basic but maxxed ivaldi runic set.

Figured out an optimal way to farm the three Anchor of Fog items (GMGoW difficulty)


So in my first play through, I am trying to complete the stuff in the game after the main campaign is complete (Give Me God of War difficulty). After making my way up to the 100-enemy fight on lava mountain, I took a break from that challenge and transported to Niflheim for the toxic mist missions.

I did well until I tried getting Anchors of Fog items to complete the three Realm of Tears in that region. I would rush straight to one of the two major battle rooms and fight, but it never showed up. It turns out, the chance of getting one increases based on the number of chests you opened before you tried to open the gold chest in one of those major battle rooms. So I switched my farming approach like this (wearing full armor that resists mist and heals me):

  • Beat the enemies in the initial minor battle room, open any chests there
  • Go counter-clockwise through the trap corridor and the small room afterwards, then continue through the next trap corridor, and get any chests along the way.
  • Don't go into the battle room after that – turn around and come all the way back to the very first room
  • Now go clockwise and enter the trap corridor, and continue through the small room and the next trap hallway. Open all chests along the way.
  • Run through the next minor battle room (ignoring the chests there), and go through the next trap hall, and then the small room while opening any chests you see.
  • The first major battle room is to your left after another trap hall. Go into the trap hall an open any chests, but then come back to the small room to avoid fighting in that major room.
  • Instead, go forward into the other trap corridor straight ahead (opening any chests), then run through the minor battle room (skipping its chests), and then go through the next trap room and small room (opening any chests).
  • The second major battle room (after the one you skipped) is to the left. Don't go in yet. Instead, run straight ahead through the other trap hall, the small room after that, as well as the next trap hall while opening up all chests.
  • Instead of going forward into the next minor battle room to fight, turn around and go back to the small room that leads to the second major battle room. Enter the trap corridor before it (open up any chests there), and then finally go in to battle it out with the major boss and his drones.

My method opens up the most amount of chests while fighting in only two rooms. I should note that I have time to complete the bell puzzle for the mid-level rune chest, but I don't bother with the rune chest challenge in the first room since that forces me into extra fights later on.

Using this method I got all three Anchor of Fog items, which popped up in the golden chests three times out of my five successful attempts. I've now cleared two of the three Tear Realms, and am working on completing the triple Revnant challenge before I go back to lava mountain for the 100-enemy battle.

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