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Kratos is actually Tyr, and Atreus is actually Fenrir. I’m probably wrong, but I really like this theory; a list of theories that link.

God of War 4 - Kratos is actually Tyr, and Atreus is actually Fenrir. I'm probably wrong, but I really like this theory; a list of theories that link.

the way that everything has played out; that's exactly how they are gonna do it. The following is a list of things in the game that I don't think are coincidence and can be attributed to the title above.

#1 Mimir's memory: In the game itself the memory of Mimir has been shown to be quite easily tampered with by Freya (Frigg). But, lets face it. She is extremely good with the old magics and stuff yah? BUT, its specifically Vanir magic or (giant-ish). Whos to say that she hasn't done it before on Mimir. But, the first time wasn't to forget anything but the appearance of Tyr himself. That's why he had such a hard time trying to figure out why a guy in ash was the ghost of Sparta; because he was thinking hes heard Kratos' voice before. (Even crazier idea is that Tyr found a spell thanks to the giants that helped him erase his exitance from everyone's mind and become reincarnated as Zues son jkjk unlesss….. (lol thats the coffee hitting me too hard lol))

#2 Tyr's legend in OUR world: In our world the legends tell of Tyr and Fenrir and the bond they had. Tyr raised Fenrir, protected Fenrir, and even with Odin breathing down his neck the entire time….loved Fenrir.

#2.5 The mural/why it matters to point #2: The mural at the ending (yes before Atreus called himself Loki, I'm getting there.) had a few major things that sparked all of this over the last year of playing. 3 things are known about the mural. First, it shows two figures; Second, it shows runes that translate roughly to "betrayal"; And third, the section where the arm of the laying down figure is missing/broken.


Why does this matter? because in the story of Tyr in OUR world. It was a story that ended in Tyr betraying Fenrir's trust. I already hear you. "SO YOU THINK KRAYTOS IS GONNA???" No. I don't.

#3 Frigg betrayed us because Freya was mad: Crazy right? knowing that they are both the same person doesn't make sense at first. But, Odin is gonna wanna know what happened to Balder, AND Freya wants revenge. So I'm pretty positive the betrayal isn't from Kratos, or Atreus. But, Freya turning her back on the last giant and betraying her kind by telling Odin who and where they are, thus her now being Frigg in his eyes. All due because she did something worthy of his attention. This is why Thor comes. This is how Thor finds them, and Thor is pissed too. Wouldn't you be if both your sons got killed??

#4 Thor mad, Thor smash arm off: Yup. As Thor draws his hammer, he will call lighting down and aim it with Mjolnir right at Kratos' arm. Thor will snatch Atreus from Kratos laying on the ground, throw Atreus at a tree and it knocks him out. Fading in and out we see Thor beating us to death, Atreus knocked out. Then it will fade to black. A Valkyrie takes us to Valhalla and Thor takes Atreus away.

There's a lot more that I think will happen but I don't have conclusive evidence on any of this. I just theory craft in my down time . THANKS ALL WHO READ ALL! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OR IF YOU HAVE ANY COUNTERS FOR MY POINTS!!

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