God of War

Kratos’ Lessons

God of War 3 - Kratos' Lessons

I'm very glad that I stumbled upon this franchise when I was like 5. At first I was afraid on how horrible and gory this series started and never once I regretted enjoying violence when I was a Boi.

Despite me being 21 now(basically a grown up) I still felt like I'm Atreus despite my age. Unlike Kratos my anger is pathological, I get mad easy no matter what worldly element I encounter be it serious or jests. I can't control it and end up saying words that I end up regretting later on. It's because I never tried to change. Reading the comics I saw Kratos' struggle to control his temper as he is in the early part of the game when he raised his voice when Atreus fired his arrow without Kratos' instruction. Just last month I decided to try and be collected just as Kratos' in his journey with Atreus. Yesterday I failed and somewhat lashed out at my friend and I still don't feel remorse for what I said. I thought that this must be what Kratos' trying to overcome all those years just so he could begin to accept himself. As Atreus says "If he tries, I'll try." and I still can't believe a game made me realize how important character is to oneself.

The side quests for this game also provide context from what to expect from the outside world. Almost every side missions are memorable for someone like me who clearly still lacks character. One that stands out to be is when a flame trap activated proceeding with Atreus exclaiming which Kratos' reprimands him by telling him that complaining doesn't help. This told me that I was running away from problems(Which I really am) I always do complain about things not going my way instead of figuring out how to overcome these problems which the cruel world throws at us especially in my age.


Another in which almost similar in context is FEAR. Andvari's ring was stuck to a soul eater in which Atreus openly is afraid of and suggested that they should not fight it. Kratos on the other hand saw this opportunity to teach Atreus to face something he's afraid of. Another character I don't have. I myself am afraid of risks. I cannot do this, I cannot do that. Followed up by a , I don't even need this, why should I do it? It took me up to that mission to realize that I never did confronted my fears with my own consent. I did, at some certain points but I was pushed to it by the world and I did provide, same with Kratos to Atreus. But I still feel fear from what the world expect of me, from what I can do and cannot. But to be fair, I wish I never get rid of this fear. If a fictional 10 year old boy tries his best not to disappoint his father despite underestimating his own capabilities, why should I not? If he can do it, so can we right? So what's stopping us from being better? Ourselves. I just then had an epiphany that no one can go outside their comfort zone alone. The world has to push people outside and it's up to us on how we'll react to certain situations that we find ourselves unpleased.

I feel lucky that I stumbled upon this game without even playing it. Yes I don't have a PS4 but that does not stop me from enjoying the contents that the game provided. Genius is Cory Barlog and his team for highlighting these elements into a game that was painted to be EXTREMELY VIOLENT type of game.

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