God of War

Kratos would destroy Thor (with proof)

God of War 3 - Kratos would destroy Thor (with proof)

Let settle this once and for all. I'll explain why Thor is not a match for our God of War.

Let's talk about Baldur a little. Dude is a straight up home-wrecker. Crazy power output, invulnerable and yet he was defeated in combat by a RUSTY kratos at the very beginning of the game. Sure we can say that he wasn't giving his all, but let's be honest. Same goes for kratos.

Baldur knocked out the world serpent in 3 hits. The same world serpent who will (supposedly) kill Thor. The serpent wasn't fighting back as he did not want to hurt kratos and Atreus (still in his belly) but this is a crazy feat. To knock out the damn world serpent..

And guess what? Kratos did him in. Absolutely wrecked his shit. Broke his neck like wet paper.

He is a Spartan , a god of war , a killing machine. Age brought him further wisdom and control. So we can say that old kratos is stronger young kratos as well. Cory himself has said that kratos has not weakened at all. Greek gods get stronger with age.

Kratos killed Zeus, the Odin equivalent of Greece. Sure he had a ton of other equipment like blade of Olympus and power of hope that he does not have now.. and Zeus would EAT Thor alive. He is a skyfather ffs. Even killed young kratos.. Kratos solo'ed the entire Greek pantheon, full of gods who are as good or almost as good as aesir gods.


Magni and Modi were the sons of Thor. Killed nonetheless by kratos, who was holding back even against them. Only when he realized that Atreus was losing control that he used his strength to push away and kill magni. Later, Modi ambushes them in Tyr's temple and kratos, still holding back finally loses himself to his rage after seeing Atreus fall. He punched Modi ONCE.. And Modi ran like a coward, clearly extremely hurt. With just one punch to his abdomen.

He defeated Sigrun, who was the strongest boss in the game and one of the strongest in the entire Norse Mythology.

And lastly, there was a painting on the wall in Jotunheim which showed a defeated/dead kratos ? Nevertheless it was not a good sign. However, kratos himself has said. "Nothing is written, that cannot be unwritten". He has already changed the Ragnarok prophecy by starting it way earlier than it was supposed to be.

He is an anomaly in the Norse universe. He is not supposed to exist there, yet he does. Defying the very fate and prophecies themselves.. He is death, the destroyer of worlds.

To conclude, there are only 2 beings who can possibly defeat kratos. And they are the world serpent and Odin. Odin would likely defeat kratos, unless kratos has prior knowledge of Odin's powers and prepares beforehand. Not in strength but dude has crazy knowledge and magical powers.

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