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(Light Spoilers) If the series eventually went into different mythologies, which one would you like to see explored the most?

God of War 1 - (Light Spoilers) If the series eventually went into different mythologies, which one would you like to see explored the most?

I won’t elaborate on WHERE it’s found, but sometime in the game the narrative will hint at the possibility of other existing mythologies in the God of War universe (there’s more to it but I don’t want to completely spoil it here).

So basically I’m curious as to what you think should be the next mythology the series could explore next. I think the Greek mythology has already been explored very well (even though I would love to see Greece again in this new graphical and combat style), and the current Norse mythology is incredibly perplexing and beautiful (I seriously cannot wait to see Vanaheim & Svartelheim).

I’m not completely versed on the history of any mythologies so if it doesn’t seem feasible then I apologize. I realize that with some mythos’s you get close to real world locations and religions which I respect and don’t want to offend any person or group of people. My understanding is that a lot of mythology does come from some stem of reality so I know you need to be careful so that you don’t do or express anything that could be seen as hurtful or inappropriate.

With that being said, based on the other three that are mentioned in the game, Celtic, Japanese, & Egyptian mythologies, the one I’d probably be most interested in from a purely atmospheric point of view would definitely be Celtic mythology. I’ve researched some locations like the mythical city of Ys, which is (as described on Wikipedia) “a city built on land reclaimed by the sea, with a palace being made of marble, cedar, and gold.” Another interesting location in the Celtic world is called “The Otherworld” which seems to be the Celtic mythology’s version of either heaven or the underworld? Not entirely sure. There’s a land there called “The Land of Maidens” that comprises completely of women, but I can’t find it’s description of how it looks like.


And finally another location is the land of Avalon, which is a place of magic and from what I can tell is very grassy and full of nature. All I could find about Avalon is that it’s associated with King Arthur’s story, which is another interesting thing to think about. Imagine one of the weapons you could wield is King Arthur’s very own Excalibur! Not sure about the timeline of events though, and whether or not that also matches the timeline of Celtic gods, but I would love to see it explored with creative freedom nonetheless.

My other pick (which actually wasn’t mentioned in the game) would have to also definitely be Ancient Aztecan mythology. Again my knowledge of it isn’t too vast, but if they could create a world which reflects the ancient Aztecs and it’s folklore I can imagine some pretty badass combat encounters. One creature that interests me in Aztecan Folklore is a god named Quetzalcoatl, which is a giant, feathered, flying serpent. Another one is a sea monster named Cipactli, with the features of a crocodile, serpent, toad, and fish, which just sounds terrifying and would probably make for an awesome boss encounter (especially imagining the location of it being some kind of Aztecan swamp?)

I understand that these can be complicated and potentially the information out there about these mythologies can be a bit too vague, but yeah I just wanted to share what I thought would be cool to see should the series continue past Norse myth. What are your ideas of where the series could go next?

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