God of War

My 65 year old dad, who hates video games, LOVED God of War

God of War 6 - My 65 year old dad, who hates video games, LOVED God of War

Hello GoW Subreddit. I posted this on r/PS4, and I was told to post this here. Enjoy!

First off, my dad absolutely hates video games with all his heart. He never liked when I would play video games because he thought it was a waste of time.

When this whole Covid hubbabaloo started, there we no live sports, and he had pretty much watched everything on Netflix that intrigued him.

I proposed to him that I would play this game on the family room TV, and I told him it would be just like a movie.

ME -"Dad, I want to play this game that I've been meaning to play for 2 years"

DAD – "Oh come on, I don't want to see that, why don't we just watch some movies or something like that?"

ME – "This game is basically a movie. I'm 99 percent sure you will love it."

DAD – "fine, but if it sucks you're turning it off."

ME – "deal, I guarantee you won't be disappointed"

So I start off playing that game and so far he had not changed his mind. I get about 45 minutes in, and I ask him how he likes it.

ME – "how you you like it so far, dad?"

DAD – " it is pretty interesting, although I don't really understand it that much, but so far I like it"

ME – "can I keep playing it down here?"

DAD – "please!"

This put quite a smile on my face. I really enjoy playing games like God of War with other people so we can have good conversations about the story.


After a while, I kept going into the story, and obviously I had to explain some of the plot and points of exploring in the the area in the game. At one point he point out some weaknesses in one of the enemies I was fighting and the thing he pointed out, actually really helped me win the fight. At this point I was about 60 percent through the game, and I had vacation coming up. When I got back from vacation, he said that his days felt incomplete without seeing at least a little bit of God of War. This really threw me off guard, because at first he was really against the fact that I was playing at all in the first place. After Vacation I got back into playing the game again, exploring, spamming square, ya know usual God of War stuff. One day when he was working, he took his laptop out of his office and came to the couch to watch me play while he worked. At this point we could talk vividly about the story, and what we thought was gonna happen next. It was awesome.

When I got to the end of the game, he was happy with how it ended, but he was also sad to see it go. I told him that there were still things that needed to be done (Valkyries, Ravens, niflheim) and he let out a big sigh of relief. I asked him if he enjoyed it as much as he said he would, and "and more."

After I finished all of the other stuff I had to do, he asked if there were any other games that I could play like God of War. I said, there definitely are game out there that are like it, but the stories will be different, obviously. He said, "I can't wait"

This is something that I figured I would share here, as I think it's something you guys would appreciate. Thanks for reading!

TL:DR; my dad hates video games. I played god of war with/for him, now he likes video games.

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