God of War

My attempt on translating some of the God of War soundtracks

God of War 6 - My attempt on translating some of the God of War soundtracks

First of all, I speak no Icelandic. This required hours and hours of research and assumptions.

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Utlægr Guð (Exiled God) Sál Pynti (Soul Torture) Von Möður (Mother's hope) Utlægr Kør (Banished Choices) Sál Pynti (Soul Torture) Von Möður, Þraut barnsins (Mother's hope, Child in pain) (Þraut barnsins ) Frið föður (Father's peace) (Þraut barnsins , Stríðs Sonur ) Að sjónir fortið (Visions of the past) Bölvun barnsins (Cursed child) (Bölvun barnsins ) 

This one was tough because there's just so many things going on at the same time. I like to imagine McCreary just picked a range of notes toned in D and smacked his hands against them.


Hrið Baldr (Confront Baldur) Ljóss allt í hann friði (Enlighten his inner peace) 


Banama(ður) (Slayer) Banamaður Þórr (Slayer Thor) Stríðs sogr Guðir (War Of Gods) 

Ashes (credits to gamhacked for most of the lyrics)

Finnið Leið (Find a way) Þín eini harmur... (My only regret...) Útlægr Guð (Exiled God) Þið finnið leið fetið sannleikans með (You shall find a way to walk with the truth) æskulög þín eini harmur minn er (Your ashen law is my only regret) hríð og uppgerð brotin efndi ég til (To storm and pretense, broken I commit) síðar munt sjá und frelsaðu þér. (Later you shall see, and free yourself.) Von móður (Mother's Hope) Síðar munt sjá hana frelsa munt þér (Later you shall see her, you'll free yourself) fylg minni leið ei til sannleikans beð (follow my path, not to truth's rest) æskuljóð þín eini harmur minn er... (your ashen song is my only regret...) 

The Dragon

Eldur kemur ofan (fire from above), Bál gleypandi allt á (fire will consume everyone), Skera loft leðurvængir (leather wings cut the air), Ber þola fjand (no man will endure it), ærandi dauðadagr (deafining sounds of death), Ekki um fram þinn (none will surpass it). Logahríð, heitt dýr hersir heiminn svartur (A rain of fire, endure the beast's flames, that singes the world black), Og koksgráum salum (and burns ashgray souls), Gleypandi bál umfevur allt í glóandi faðmur (consuming fire surrounds everything in a glowing embrace). Logahríð, enginn faðmr flýr (A rain of fire, none can escape it) 

I'm a little afraid I might get into trouble for this. But, I just want to clarify, these lyrics might not be 100% accurate, as I don't speak Icelandic at all and did not participate on the making and recording of these songs in any way (I can't sing at all lol).

Hope you peeps enjoy!

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