God of War

My crazy theory for the GOW sequel

God of War 6 - My crazy theory for the GOW sequel

I couldn’t really sleep last night and woke up to begin reading a bunch of the interesting theories on here, and something kind of hit me about the sequel coming out.

So we know that Ragnarok is coming, and from that we can assume based on the previous trilogy’s structure that the 3rd game will actually be Ragnarok with us beating up everyone to death. I started to draw some similar parallels to the 2nd God of War in that Trilogy and how this might relate to what we are about to see. I’m on my phone and can’t attach the specific Tyr murals that I’ll be talking about but hopefully someone can post them down below. Here are my rambling stoner thoughts:

  • Thor (like Zeus did) will “kill” Kratos right off the bat. This will split the player into two main storylines: Arterus and Kratos.
  • As we can see from the murals, Tyr has gone all over (based from the Egyptian, Japanese, Celtic, Greek symbols). My major theory is that this is Tyr of another timeline, not the one we are currently playing.
  • From the murals at the end of the game, we see Arterus potentially holding Kratos (or Tyr) in his arms and giving birth to the World Serpent. We also hear that everything was laid out before us to get to this point. This is because the giants could see everything up until the end of the game because that’s when their timeline ends. The mural on this wall is again the past timeline, not the one we are experiencing. Here’s when it gets wild:
  • We can determine from lore/etc that Midgard is in the Scandinavian region, with Kratos being dragged there from Greece. This means that Ragnarok isn’t just effecting Midgard, it’s going to effect the “world” that we are in during the events of all the GOW games. My bold crazy prediction is that Tyr went to warn the other pantheons of Ragnarok, and how he can’t stop it but Kratos (not born yet) can because he was not born as a God, he was created, thus he isn’t bound to a specific “religion”, or region, and can bounce from pantheon/to pantheon. I think much like how he sought the help of the Titans to defeat Zeus, we will actually be going to the other regions briefly to recruit either weapons or deity’s from the other realms as Kratos, while Arterus grows up as Loki (present timeline) and follows more of the true Ragnarok mythology. I think the game will end with current Loki/Arterus dying but calling the World Serpent in our time to complete the loop while Kratos returns from the “dead” and from traveling to the other realms, building an army and preparing to fight Odin/Thor again/Freya/everyone else in the true Ragnarok, which will be the 3rd game.

This would allow us to see the other mythologies without having to create 17 more games, it draws similar parallels to the original trilogy, and it gives us an absolute LIT game to bridge us over to the true Ragnarok. Plus they already had some of the concept art, and they have the engine complete. All they need to do now is story, level design, and more weapons (obviously not some small feat but because there were realms that were locked in the first game, I believe they went straight from 1 to 2 in terms of development, and we should expect this to release around 3 years to the day of the 1st, since that’s how long the legendary winter would last).

I know this was a lot, I’m sorry I couldn’t provide the murals to show Tyr navigating through the other realms. I’m sure I’m missing some key points, but this was my wild epiphany last night and I had to get it down in writing before I forgot lol let me know what y’all think and have a great weekend/stay safe out there!

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