God of War

My critic for GoW 3 (spoilers)

God of War 5 - My critic for GoW 3 (spoilers)

FIRST OF ALL, THIS IS MY OPINION! DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE! Just beat the last game of the series that was based on greek mythology. And… I would say… I like it, but I also hate it. Let's begin with the graphics. I really LOVED how they look for a PS3 game. The light, the shadows, the textures, particles, I love them. Helios' Head is kind of buggy but whatever. Then, mechanics. The way they made the weapons is actually really good, they are very balanced and I like it. My favorite was Claws of Hades. But to be honest, the secondary weapons where the opposite. Hermes Boots where 100% useless for me, and Helios' Head was only useful for secrets, useless for combat. I like how the new ram attack works, it's a god send for escaping an ambush. Now, let's talk about the sound effects. The only weapon that lacked with sound effects was Blades of Exile. It's just way too soft and I feel weak using it. Other than that, I like all of the other sound effects. As always, we can skip talking about the music. It's perfect and we all know it. Can we just talk about how the designs are amazing on this game? I mean, look at Hades. Helios. The Titans. Zeus. Hephaeatus. Pandora. Is it only me that thinks Hercules looks like Hulk in Avengers 1? But I still dislike the fact that Hera is a drunken bitch. And that Hermes looks like shit. The general gameplay… oh, the sins are climbing up on my backs… uhh the beggining is nice of course, the rest of the game is just me trying to survive enemies or murdering them in a few seconds. I don't think it's suuper balanced. Take a look at the Labyrinth (the worst part of the game imo) and The Forum. Uhh… I don't like it. I think Santa Monica just screwed with GoW 1, the game were way too long because of puzzles and huge amounts of enemies. Then, they tried to fix that on GoW 2, and tbh they did it pretty well and that's why it's my favorite game of the franchise. But they messed up with the Labyrinth. It's hard, but not the fun kind of hard. Bossfights were my favorite parts of the game. Just look at Hades and Cronos. I don't even care for Zeus my man (even though it was pretty cool), Hades fight was so amazing. I love them. 10/10. Last topic, the history. It begins just after the end of GoW 2, and it was pretty interesting. The Titans trying to take out the Olympus and dying super easily. Well, in general, the game was supposed to feel rushed but wasn't. It just wasn't trying to take all of your time by spamming enemies. It gave you gods and it gave you weapons. Perfect. Ahh, when Kratos kills a god, it feels amazing. When he beheads Helios, oh, that was BEAUTIFUL. beheading the dirty bright rat. The ending was pretty neat but also really weird. Kratos fights its inner demons and triumph. But still, full of hope, tries to kill himself at the end. Weird… I would say that I think it deserves 85/100. It is full of amazing parts but still has a lot of super boring and/or annoying parts that REALLY weights. Anyway, thank you for reading, again, this is just my opinion, don't be a dumbass, if u agree with my opinion please share it with me, and if u disagree, please tell me why.


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