God of War

My dumb theory/fanfic of how the story for the next game will play out

God of War 8 - My dumb theory/fanfic of how the story for the next game will play out

Spoilers??? Probably not. But who knows?

Anyway, I think early on Atreus’s dream comes true and Thor shows up. After a huge, earth splitting battle Kratos has the upper hand, but Thor goes for Atreus and Kratos sacrifices himself to save his son. Weakened, Thor retreats, believing that Atreus is no threat to him.

That theory is played out. This is where my idea diverges.

Kratos, because he sacrificed himself, doesn’t go to Helheim or Valhalla, but becomes a spirit like Athena did. He says goodbye to Atreus and leaves. In this state Kratos will be reunited somewhat with Faye who will tell him everything, and that Atreus is Ragnarok itself. Kratos, dismayed that the cycle he tried to break will never end, leaves Midgard and travels to other lands, like Tyr did, hoping to learn from them. One in particular being Egypt. It is here that Kratos learns that he can be resurrected, like Osiris. After undergoing a ritual Kratos is revived to life. (Yes, I know that the Egyptians believed in a bodily resurrection, but I don’t know if they’ll go a literal route as Kratos’s body would be burned on a pyre). Kratos hopes that by returning to life he can abate Atreus’s need for vengeance for his death and break the cycle.

He returns to Midgard, where years have passed. Atreus is now a young man, and rules Midgard’s animal life, and is married to Sigyn, who is with child. Mimir, in his new mechanical body, lives with them. Despite the life he has niched out, Atreus holds a deep seated resentment for the Aesir. Kratos appears and tries to talk Atreus out of his revenge, but Atreus is set in his way, calling it not revenge but revolution and that the corrupt Aesir will fall. Sigyn goes into labour and the child, with snake-like eyes, is born. Fraya appears and begins attacking them, threatening to kill Atreus’s newborn son like they killed her’s, and after a horrific fight she is killed, but not before cursing Atreus’s son with her seiðr magic. With her last breath she tells Kratos and Atreus Asgard’s weakness, hoping to goad Atreus into going there and thus get killed by the Aesir. Atreus, much to Kratos’s disappointment, begins making preparations, and leaves for Asgard.

After some unspecified time, Kratos learns that Atreus was defeated and is being held prisoner in Asgard. Mimir warns Kratos that it’s a trap, but offers to go with him to help in whatever way he can.


Outside the gate of Asgard, Heimdall stops them and fights Kratos. Though he defeats him, Mimir says that Heimdall has alerted the rest of the Aesir’s army. They make their way to the palace, and learn that Atreus is being held by Odin, who hopes to use his foresight to stave off his death. Thor fights Kratos, but the thunder lummox is brutally beaten. Mimir’s body is badly damaged and insists Kratos leave him.

As Kratos makes his way to Odin’s chamber, space itself is warped and tinged by his insanity, making it hard to navigate, and echoes of his chittering laughter can be heard. Finally Kratos arrives and sees Odin, a frail, old, one-eyed man who looks like he couldn’t hurt anyone, let alone rule a kingdom. Kratos demands to know where Atreus is, but Odin is a mumbling fool, his wisdom and learning leaving him an uncontrollable madman. Kratos is then blindsided by Atreus. Atreus fights Kratos, having been manipulated by Odin into blaming him for his mother’s death, for lying to him, for leaving him, and not believing in him. Odin runs away while father and son fight. Kratos tries to talk sense to the boy, only dishing out what he knows Atreus can take. He relents and allows Atreus to kill him if it will bring him peace. Atreus is about to but a beaten Thor comes in a kills Atreus. Kratos lets his rage out and kills Thor, practically atomizing him with his own hammer.

Grief stricken Kratos doesn’t know what to do. He takes Atreus back to Midgard to mourn and to give him the proper rites. With the death of Atreus Ragnarok is fully prevented and cannot happen now. The Aesir begin a campaign of merciless terror across all the realms, believing that nothing can stop them now. Without Loki, Midgard begins to fall apart. Powerless and dejected, Kratos is accepting of what is happening, until a man appears before him and tells him not all is lost. Kratos asks who he is. “Tyr”.

The end begins…


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