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God of War 8 - My GOD OF WAR predictions

Quick disclaimer, these are my educated guesses mixed with some fan-theories that I found on other sites.>

It's all but stated that this God of War series will be a trilogy centered on the Norse pantheon. So, what can we expect in the next two installments?

Well, GoW2 will most likely take place after a three year time-skip I’m not too sure about this as the last game stated that they'd only meet Thor after "many years">. The last few months of Fimbulwinter are coming to an end, and Atreus is a young man now. The trio – Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir – have been trying to keep their heads down during the intervening years, but Odin is well aware of their existence, and he's not happy at Kratos' ability to alter the dynamics of Ragnarok he killed Magni and Modi, despite the fact that they were predicted to survive past ragnarok, and the killing of Baldur happened centuries ahead of schedule>, and Odin's control-freak tendencies wouldn't allow his presence to potential screw up his plans.

Which brings us to Thor.

Thor in this story is Odin's best attack-dog, and he's set him loose on the trio. Thor is basically Kratos from the first few games — a brutal and vindictive butcher that viciously slaughters anyone for the smallest of slights. The only difference is that Thor is completely loyal to his pantheon, and, more importantly, he's not a critical thinker; he's content to be a blunt instrument for his father as long as he gets the excuse to kill anyone and anything he likes.

And along with Thor will be his step-son, the archer Ullr, who will be an evil counterpart to Atreus.

This attack will more-or-less set the game into motion as the trio have to out-run their foes. They don't have the goal of spreading ashes anymore, they're on the defensive. This is a very "actionized" sequel, that trades the slower, somber moments with a fight for survival. Thor will likely be too powerful for Kratos to fight, even with the foreign magic of the Chaos Blades. So they have to essentially run to different realms (possibly ones we haven't seen yet), to try and lose their perusers.

Meanwhile, Atreus is still getting a grips on his god-powers, with his inherited Spartan Rage giving him problems. Though, he has discovered that he can turn into animals this could be a new gameplay mechanic, but it's just as likely to not be there at all>.

Along the way, the trio find that the stories of Kratos and Atreus have spread to other realms, emboldening factions that are against the Aesir. One of the factions is led by a young woman named Angrboda I'm not totally sure of, but I wouldn't be surprised; she may even be a Fire Giant like Surtr>.

Angrboda is a passionate revolutionary who wants to take the fight to the Aesir, but Kratos wants to run and hide. Atreus follows his father, but his natural morality compels him towards fighting the gods and potentially ending their reign. Kratos being Kratos knows that no good can come from destroying a pantheon, even one as monstrous as the Norse.

Here is where we truly understand the length Odin will go to avert ragnarok by altering the natural balance of the Nine Realms:

He purposefully imprisoned the Valkyries to upset the flow of souls going into the various afterlives; ragnarok doesn’t happen unless all the realms are working properly.

This is when I think we'll get closure on the Light Elf/Dark Elf war — the Light of Alfheim is a mass-brainwashing device that has lulled the Light Elves into a passivity I think if you enter the Light it shows you your heart's desire, and the happiness you receive from it makes you part of the hive mind>. The Dark Elves want to contain it to continue powering their world, but know of its danger.

And this is when I think Freya will return, having allied herself with Odin again so she can have her revenge on Kratos.


Eventually the trio are defeated by Thor and Ullr, but they aren't killed. Instead, they're taken prisoner by Odin. The Allfather has a habit of keeping instrumental keys to ragnarok in captivity like Skoll and Hati>, and he's very interested in the Greek magic of the Chaos Blades — Greek magic being a lost art, and all.

Odin probably plans on killing Kratos as he’s already served his purpose in the Jötunnar prophecy as "Fárbauti" — the "cruel striker" and father of Loki. For Atrues, he’ll lock up in the deepest, darkest dungeon. If Atreus can’t do anything, then Loki can’t come to be.

While he’s awaiting his execution, Kratos meets Tyr, who had been imprisoned all these years rather than killed, as was believed.

Somehow, the duo escape and save Atreus, but they get separated from Tyr as they try to save Mimir.

But in their escape, Kratos is killed possibly by Heimdall, just as they’re about to exit Asgard, as cruel knife-twist>, and Atreus takes up his father weapons and swears vengeance on the Aesir. Fully adopting the name of “Loki.”

Which ends GoW2.

Starting with GoW3, Kratos is rescued form Helheim by Tyr (who loses his hand to Garm, the watchdog of Helheim, doing it), and discovers that years have passed, and the realms are in ruin with ragnarok in full-swing.

From here, Kratos has to find his son and piece together what happened since he died.

With a full-scale war happening, the forces of the Aesir, Vanir, and Giants are killing each other at every turn and Kratos (now without his axe or blades) will be caught in the crossfire.

He’ll learn that Atreus has gone down a dark path and become completely consumed by vengeance. As well as fathering with Angrboda his children Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hela. The latter two inheriting his shapeshifting powers.

And it’s revealed that Surtr’s sword isn’t enough to truly destroy the Nine Realms, as his fire is Norse magic, and it requires the Greek fire of the Chaos Blades.

It all culminates in a massive battle at the heart of Asgard, with Kratos desperately trying to talk sense to his son, to no avail.

Atreus/Loki will kill Heimdall, but be mortally wounded.

Fenrir will kill Odin.

Tyr will kill/be killed by Garm, but not before giving Kratos one last piece advice about how the gods must be good.

Thor’s battle against Jormungandr will splinter Yggdrasil as the Nine Realms burn with Chaos Fire, creating tears through time. The Serpent falls in, only for an older, stronger version to appear and kill the thunder god.

The world starts tearing apart at the seams.

This is when Atreus finally dies in his father’s arms.

Kratos will awaken in a new Midgard that has no trace of the other Eight Realms or Norse magic. Overcome with grief, Kratos, again, tries to take his own life, but remembers Tyr’s last words.

“Only when gods are good can the world know peace.”

Gaining strength from this, Kratos resolves to find the other remaining pantheons in the world. Not as a destroyer, but as a peacemaker. Cory Barlog has said that Kratos is the only playable character in the God of War series, and since the series is a hot IP again, I doubt they’ll stop with the Norse gods.>

Thus ends the Norse Cycle.

What happens next, I can only guess. Most likely, the next pantheon that has the bad luck of meeting Kratos will be the Egyptian gods, but the Japanese or Mesoamerican gods are just as likely.

There are some theories that state Kratos is actually Tyr and the next installments will have time-travel involved, but I seriously doubt it. That creates way too many complications to the story.>

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