God of War

My love for this series will never end.

God of War 6 - My love for this series will never end.

Appreciation post incoming.

Been a gamer most of my natural life and have enjoyed everything on the spectrum from
metalgearsolid - My love for this series will never end.

r/metalgearsolid to

In my younger years in 2005 I was with one of my best friends smoking a blunt and having a few drinks and he showed me this game he rented from Blockbuster (yeah, those lol) called "God of War".

I'd never heard of it personally – but apparently quite a few people he knew were telling him to play this game. So there I sit, completely torched out of my mind and possibly semi-drunk, and I watch him play the opening + Hydra fight.


There are few moments in my gaming tenure that left my jaw on the floor but that was by far one of them.

Flash forward to God of War II in 2007 and me and the same friend doing the same shit, smoking up and playing the Colossus of Rhodes..

My friend moved away from that neighbourhood the following year. But I got my hands on the God of War III demo early – the sequence where you help the titan knock down Helios and take his head off – so I called him over one day to just smoke and shoot the shit and – without telling him – showed him the demo after getting him completely baked.

I wish I taped his reaction because it was internet gold.

This smoking yourself silly + playing the new GoW became our tradition for every subsequent game in the series (Ascension and the PSP titles included).

Suddenly, we were older adults and had careers, responsibilities and kids. After GoW:A we didn't really think they were going to make any more given its lukewarm reception (I personally loved it).


Flashforward to 2018 after the Norse game was announced. I'll admit despite being excited as all hell I had my reservations about the initial tonal shift and gameplay changes they presented at E3. I didn't see Sony Santa Monica making a game about this character who was literally a human rampage suddenly being a father and making a more somber (though equally violent) game out of it.

I will never, ever doubt them again. The game exceeded every expectation I ever had. It was hands down the best of the series. I hadn't really smoked for months leading up to it's release (on 4/20/18 no doubt…) but that weekend I was hooked.

I love this series' massive scale, over the top violence, ridiculously good cinematography, batshit insane boss fights, incredible level design, and environmental artistry. What do you do when you take that and actually turn it into an incredible story where you flesh out a character immensely well, give him a purpose in his son, and do incredible amounts of world building and lore? GoW 2018.

And this isn't even including the combat which went above and beyond everything I had ever expected.


Shoutout to SSM for making these games and this masterpiece.

I can't wait to see what's to come.

Thor's hammer is going right up his ass.

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