God of War

My “Main Boss Battle” Prediction for next game in order

God of War 7 - My "Main Boss Battle" Prediction for next game in order

Firstly i would like to state that, the new installment will definitely take place at the end of Fimbulwinter and end at the start of Ragnarok(my prediction)

Here is my prediction:-

#1 Thor(was hyped up throughout the entire game, even in the secret ending. He has to be first boss for the new installation, Atreus will be kidnapped) Location = Kratos's Backyard or they may even punch each other off to other locations

#2 Hraesvelgr(The eagle from "Hel" which was a removed boss fight because it would have made the game more longer, this will definitely be a boss in next game) Location = Hel

#3 A Norse Hero/Legend with an important item(There are a lot of legends in Norse myth so it's way too hard for me to predict that, let me know what y'all think) Location = Midgard

#4 Freyr(Something tells me we're gonna fight him in "Alfheim" but not kill him. Ofc Kratos will overpower him and make a child play of his Vanir magic and magical sword) Location = Alfheim(either near the light or outside the building)

#5 Dragon/Kraken(more likely a dragon according to be, another Kraken will be a bit too much because Norse myth is known for it's dragons and we really want another Dragon fight, but this time more up close and personal.

Location = Midgard/Svartalfheim

#6 Another Norse hero(because why not) Location = Midgard

#7 Fenrir(this will 100% happen and will be one of the most epic boss fights acc to me, Kratos will not kill him)

Location = could be anywhere literally

#8 Freya(ofc she's gonna break her curse, according to me Odin will discover the one who defeated the mighty Fenrir, and consider Kratos a big threat and being a clever geek he's surely gonna let Freya take on Kratos while he plan how to counter his demise in Ragnarok. After getting obliterated she's gonna be on Kratos side again especially because she has a soft spot for the kidnapped Atreus)


Location = Vanaheim/Midgard(most likely)

Freya will tell Kratos the weakness of Asgard walls. Chained Tyr will be rescued(aid from Fenrir) while there will be no clue of Atreus(he will secretly escape). Both God of wars will head back to Midgard and plan their move (Tyr will be really eager to help Kratos, he was also shown in mural with Faye. He's got to play a big role in helping Kratos too).

#9 Kratos and Tyr Vs Villi and Ve(Odin brothers who were also responsible for Ymir's murder) Location = Tyr's Temple

#10 Kratos VS Heimdall(Atreus will be rescued by now and he;s gonna be the one to give the killing blow to Heimdall)

Location = Asgard Entry

#11 Kratos VS Thor Round 2(Thor will kill Jormungandr and Kratos will then go toe to toe with the butcher-man and beat the shit outta him with his own hammer). Location = Midgard

Alright I know some of the last boss fight assumptions were crazy, let me know what y'all think and want from next game. Do sure to give out your boss fight predictions too. Also they were not facts just my opinions/predictions/assumption. Let me know in comments.

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