God of War

My take on a game I’ve completely fallen in love with

God of War 5 - My take on a game I've completely fallen in love with

So, let me say some things about myself to help those of you who may read this understand what type of gamer and person I am. Grew up playing sports games and Halo, little COD, little lord of the rings or harry potter PC games but mainly console. I'm 26. So age frame for you. Favorite game of all time until maybe today, was the Legend of Zelda ocarina of time. Replayed that a year ago from when I was 5. Still love it a lot. So amazing that was made in the 90's. Anywho back to god of war.

Oh my God, what a wonderful masterpiece of art. I mean I'm sure plenty of people find things to nitpick, I do the same, but this game for me is the epitome of video games. From the fighting to the story to the puzzle solving, I was never left wanting more. Being realistic and logical I know there's always room to grow, but I genuinely believe this game deserves to go down in the pantheon of greatest video games. If there ever exist a Mt. Rushmore of video games, I expect Kratos to have his face carved into the rock.

I mean, so much detail exist within this game that it is truly a work of art. Someone asked me how good it was and I said emotionally it took me to the same places a fantastic novel does such as Harry Potter when I was a child. See, I've never played any God of War games and I've never played much explore the world type games other than the spiderman and batman games which are like a little kids fake toy cell phone compared to the newest smartphone when comparing those games to this brilliant masterpiece. Character development, check. Wide array of difficulties to challenge those of us who like to really battle through a game, check. Easy enough mode for total noobs who haven't played a game in years, check.


Holy shit I'm blabbering but please, please respect and understand that at this moment, as I write, this game has my heart. I took a week break from god of war after completing the game and doing everything except the ravens on give me a challenge. I just started GMGOW new game + and I see theres new armor to acquire, I had no idea. So I'm falling in love all over again. I just think the realms are fantastic, how you travel is fantastic, the script is fantastic, the audio is great in my headset and the game is scored very well. Like I'm starting all over I'm gonna take this ass whooping over and over and fall deeper in love as I learn the ins and outs, the proper ways to play the game, many of which I learn on reddit so THANK YOU REDDIT USERS. seriously though. Thanks for reading. Thanks for this awesome community. I'm literally new to reddit posting. This may be my 2nd one ever. Idk. Thank you god of war, for making me fall in love with you.


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