God of War

My theory for God of War 5

God of War 7 - My theory for God of War 5

I have a theory that the next game will start with a fight with Thor where Thor places his hammer on Kratos while he kills Loki as he causes Ragnarok. Kratos will then travel to Hel pulling Loki out of Hel where he can meet Hela and he is warned that people don’t come back the same Kratos ignores her and takes Loki back. On there way back they get attacked by Freya and fight across 8 realms but not Asgard and they end their fight in the realm of the Valkyries where Kratos rips of her Freya’s wings but keeps her alive Atreus and Kratos they have to escape back to Midgard and as they get back to the lake of the nine heimdal appears and try’s to kill Atreus/ Loki and he dies but Loki’s eyes are injured in the fight. Before his death heimdal blows his horns with his last breath signaling he start of Ragnarok. Kratos hunts down Freya and makes her help him save Loki’s eyes and give him back his vision she sees the love in which Kratos shows for Atreus and she helps. However the more magic used on Atreus corrupts him more and he wishes to take vengeance on the Aesir Kratos tries to stop him and they have a small fight but Atreus escapes. Kratos with the help of Freya hunts down Atreus, while Atreus returns to Hel and asks Hela to bring an army of the dead to attack Asgard, Hela accepts. Kratos and Freya catch up to Atreus in Midgard where Kratos warns him not to go through with this but when Atreus ignores Kratos pled Kratos decides to stand with his son. They travel to the realm of the dwarfs to get an item they lets them travel to Asgard and when they returns they come across Odin Thor and an army at the bridge of Tyr. Freya then betrays them and is given new wings and a big fight ensues in which the world serpent dies. But Kratos destroys Thor’s hammer using the axe but the axe is destroyed in the process. Atreus kills Freya for betraying them and Odin flees to Asgard where kratos and Atreus team up to fight Odin and Atreus kills Odin similar to the way Kratos kills Zeus. This opens Kratos’ eyes to what he has become and Atreus and Kratos fight one last time. Soon the world serpent in thrown up out of Atreus’ mouth and he grows big quickly and Thor returns where he fights the world serpent knocking him back in time and Thor delivers a fatal blow to kratos and Atreus kills Thor. Atreus cradles kratos similar to the painting at the end of this game and Atreus leaves travelling to a new world. Hopefully Egypt.


Sorry if this is long haha

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