God of War

My theory of the future of GOW

God of War 3 - My theory of the future of GOW

In the next game kratos will face thor like in the vision, he in gonna fight alone because of the danger and thor is going to beat him (not because he is stronger, something else like the place or anything else will give him advantage) thor is gonna take an inconsious atreus (that he knocked out after the fight) and at the moment he tries to finish kratos odin calls him. Kratos with mimir will search for a way to travel to asgard. Mimir tells him to go find freya (she knows the weakness in asgard walls) and after a while and ask a lot of people (and a few fights) they finds her whit her wings and the spell broken. When freya looks at kratos she start to attack him and manages to beat him (kratos is still weak because of his fight with thor). Freya got kratos by the neck but mimir explains the atreus situation and she leaves him go. She accepts to help him save atreus but says that after that she is gonna kill him. Freya explain the weakness of asgard walls but they cant do it alone. They split and kratos go find brok and sindri to help him. They agree to upgrade his leviathan and blades of chaos. Mimir tells kratos that they need jorgunmander help to win and after a short talk with mimir the snake agree's to help. Kratos says to mimir that jorgun is not enough and mimir says they need more power, if he knows someone, kratos says that he doesn't have friends but mimir says he has a lot of enemies that hates odin. Kratos remembers his previous battles but he can only think about zeus, mimir says that there is a possibility that a part of his soul end up in hellheim (in the "never go there" place) where the odin strongest foes are. Kratos goes and finds a chained zeus, after a few words he explains that the fear is no longer poisoning him and he wants to redeem himself, zeus tell kratos that he and odin have a past together and is gonna help him. Kratos agrees after a talk with mimir where the last one yells at kratos to understand that his son's life is in danger and his pride is the last important thing. Father and son go to midgar where jorgunmander and freya awaits for them. They talk and she tells that they need something more, at that moment sindri and brok arrive with the three dragons that kratos and atreus help. Kratos ask about how they will travel to what freya answer telling him that she and the valkeries will use a really strong magic. When they arrive in asgard kratos beats some minor guardians. Heimdall see this and calls all odin valhalla army. Now kratos team is outnumbered but some weird noise can be listened. The giants are alive, an incredible amount of giants appears and help kratos and the others. One giant that seem to be a general explains him and freya that fey saw all this a long time ago and that his ashes were a gift to kratos and the giants to beat odin once and for all. Freya is in shock to hear that the famous laufey was kratos wife. After a long fight where kratos, freya, zeus and they enter odin palace to save atreus. Freya is attacked by heimdall. Kratos and zeus go on and they find odin and thor next to an inconsious kratos. Having seeing this kratos activates his spartan rage and punchs thor, they will finish whay was started in his home. Meanwhile odin faces zeus, but beeing captured so much time and the fact that he doesn't has his most powerfull weapon (blade of olimpus) makes him lost. Kratos manages to kill thor with his own hammer. Atreus awakes in the moment kratos and odin fight start. Zeus explain everything that his father has made to save him and who he is (his grandpa). Atreus says that he needs to find someone and with zeus they free odin's worst enemie, the one who needed to be watched by himself all the time, they free fenrir. When they come back to the place kratos was fighting odin they find that kratos beated him but atreus explains that he know odin's weakness, he used an ancient jotun magic to be inmortal and the only one that can kill him is fenrir. This one kills odin and the realms start to collapse (a god dead makes bad things to the world) zeus to stop the destruction sits in odin throne taking the mantle of allfather again. After all this kratos faces freya and ask if she is going to kill him, but she says that now she has other things to take care about and needs mimir help, she wants to talk with hella to revive baldur and convince him to be good again. Mimir accepts, and says goodbye to kratos and atreus. Everybody comeback to their own realm where atreus tells his father that he is strogner now and he wants to travel like tyr did it. Kratos say that is ok but he will stay and be the protector of the nine realms and make sure that none zeus or baldur or anyone becomes a treat. And the end.


Some point to make clear:

1_the fights: kratos will face a few bosses but not all important gods, like a bad witch or the one who made odin's gundir or maybe a minor god. In the war freya will face heimdall, jorginmander with modi (is alive), the valkeries will face some odin's army generals and the dragons and jotuns some minor enemies.

2_zeus is good without the fear in him, he wants to redeems and have a second chance, he doesn't have any second intentions. Same with baldur he will be good without the curse or odin influence.

3_maybe brok or sindri dies, the dragons and a few jotuns too

4_fenrir will stay like kratos or zeus partner, he can talk

5_we will see a post credits scene where atreus comeback from his trips with chinese of egiptian clothes, he finds that his father has a relationship with freya and an older baldur is his stepbrother now, zeus goes to meet him too with fenrir and jorgunmander who reveal that they are from the future and they are his sons (jorgunmander, fenrir and hella). Basically a temporal anomaly

6_ we will see an angrier amd more ferocious kratos while the game goes on

I really hope someone read this, i know is too long but i think is worth it

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