God of War

My thoughts so far

God of War 3 - My thoughts so far

Spoiler tag just in case

So I know I’m a little late to the bandwagon, but I just recently got the game for my birthday and being a fan of the series, I wanted to express my thoughts so far on this new installment.

I’m absolutely loving it! I’ll admit I was slightly skeptical having played every other game in the series, but so far this game is killing it. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the older games, but this game has a lot of elements that they didn’t have, while still staying true to some of the original mechanics.

Enemies still attack in hordes for the most part, and these enemies still have stronger versions of themselves. For example, the draugr has a stronger version of itself, the heavy draugr, and also has a fireball shooting version of itself, the projectile draugr. This is pretty similar to the Olympus sentries, Olympus legionaries, and the Olympus archers, respectively.

The way you maneuver through the game is also very similar to the older series. There’s one main route through the game, but there exists certain tangents for hidden treasure. I currently just reached the lake, and I’m not sure where to go now! Im also enjoying the climbing aspects of the rock walls and chains, they really solidify the similar feel of the previous games for me.

Enough of the similarities though, let’s get on with what’s different! First and foremost, the graphics are incredible. I always thought god of war was ahead of its time graphic wise when I first saw the opening scene of the very first game involving the hydra. I think they really pushed the PlayStation 2 as far as it would go, and I think they did that again with the PlayStation 4, but by no means am I a graphics specialist so I could be wrong.

The major difference for me is the weapons and how you upgrade them. I’m early in the game, but it seems like there is vast possibilities for weapon upgrades that suit different play styles. First off, the axe is badass looking, and I love the idea of upgrading it with runic gems for different powers. Secondly, I was skeptical about the addition of a second character, Atreus, but he’s proved more helpful than I imagined and it adds a different dimension that the previous games didn’t have. I also love the idea of having shops spread around the map that you can use to buy and craft weapons and armor with hacksilver, in addition to upgrading from the main menu with experience points. These are both major improvements from the simple red orb dumping.

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And lastly, the lore is super interesting. I took Latin in high school, so I was very familiar with the Greek/Roman mythology that was prevalent in the original games, but this is all new to me. I know vaguely who Thor and Odin are, and that’s about it, but It’s inspired me to do a little more research about Norse mythology.

So that’s about all my thoughts so far. Like I said however, I’m still pretty early on in the game, (at least I think/hope) so I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts as the game progresses. I’m super excited to see where this game takes me, and I’ll be back to express more thoughts when I have more to comment on. Thanks to anyone for reading!


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