God of War

My two cents concerning the beginning of the next game

God of War 8 - My two cents concerning the beginning of the next game

Hello everyone, I'll try to be as soon as possible.
I imagine the next game (GoW 5) starting right after the end of GoW 3, revealing how Kratos survived after that final event of the game and leaving the destroyed Olympus, facing some classic greek monsters that are trying desperately to survive in all that chaos (we are controlling Kratos, of course, who is weak and hopeless). After that, the game will show several cutscenes of Kratos walking into the frozen woods of Scandinavia (and we are going to see his beard growing in all splendor…).
After some minutes, a new cutscene will start, with Kratos knocking some trees with his bare hands to be able to construct his cabin, and, as the camera fades away from his now bearded face, we can see a hooded figure standing on the side of three, behind him.
Kratos then notices that presence and calmly says: If you want some of this timber you will have to pay for it.
After that, we heard a feminine laugh, and the figure starts to walk in our direction (the camera is locked in Kratos, and we see him from the front). Kratos turns around and is faced with a beautiful woman, very close to him, with a long brown hair, who responds him: I did not came for it, traveller.
Then, a little dialogue starts:
"What do you want, then?"
"You're wounded, this scar is recent, and is different from everything that I've ever seen… wonder what kind of weapon made it…"
"You do not answer my question."
"I've seen you demolish trees only with your punches, I've seen you kill ancient boars only with a punch, and I feel in you some kind of a hidden power… that you don't want it to manifest anymore…"
"Are you following me, woman?"
"Let's say that I want to help you. First, you have to cure your wounds. Come with me, I know an herb that…"

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"Enough. You better leave, there are trolls around here, and do not come back again." (Kratos starts walking away from the woman)

"You're a hard type, stubborn and arrogant… exactly the way my people describes your kind, spartan…"
Then, Kratos suddenly stops.
"I will ask you only one time. Who are you, woman?"
"You can call me Faye, Kratos."
As the woman reveals herself, a new cutscene starts, where Faye treats Kratos wounds (some time has passed since they first encounter, and we assume that they've talked a lot because now she's treating his wounds inside of his cabin).
After that, she says: This will prevent you from bleeding too much, I've put some enchantments together with the herb.
I'm leaving now, but I would like to give you this…
Faye then removes from her bag some kind of a metal made item, wrapped in a reddish cloth: It's for you.
"What is this?"
"My axe, it will help you to cut trees, better than knock them over with your naked hands…"
Kratos immediatly realizes that the axe was magical, and senses its enormous and destructive power.
As the woman passes through the door, Kratos says: "You can stay here tonight. A snow storm is coming, and trolls will leave their caves to hunt."
The woman then looks into his face and smiles beautifully, as the scene cuts to another time, where Kratos watches Faye and Atreus, now a little kid, sleeping together in their dark cabin.
Finally, the main game starts, with Kratos and Atreus, now a young man in his twenties training hard in Muspelheim.
And… it's over.
What do you guys think? I know the post is some kind of big, but I would like to hear your opinions on my take on the beginning of the next game.

Thanks in advance!
(By the way, I imagine the title being some what like God of War: The Wrath of the Aesir, instead of just GoW 5.)

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