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My wishes and ideas for GOW5

God of War 1 - My wishes and ideas for GOW5

The Beginning: At the beginning of the sequel I want to see how Kratos and an older Atreus/Loki are training while Mimir is telling a story or something like that. Fimbulwinter is ending and Kratos isn't rusty anymore btw.

Thor: I want Thor to be the only god who's actually able to push Kratos so hard in a fight that he maybe shows his brutal god-killer side again where he destroys and kills everything on his path because of his uncontrollable rage. But on the other hand we also shouldn't forget the fact that Thor was known as the god of thunder and strenght even without his magic belt and Mjolnir. Oh and Baldur who's definitely way weaker than the likes of Thor was stated by Kratos (in the novel) to be the strongest foe he has ever faced. I seriously don't understand why so many people here are underestimating Thor… Probably because they don't want to see there beloved Kratos losing lol. Oh and don't get me wrong I love Kratos too! But sometimes he's just overhyped. I personally think that there is also even the possibillity that Thor is a stronger than Kratos ever was. People also often ignore that Thor's second battle with Jörmungandr was felt in ALL nine realms. And in there battle at Ragnarok Thor was able to send Jörmungandr back in time. Plus Thor is currently the owner of the strongest weapon in the norse realm Mjölnir. Maybe Thor is really the one god Kratos can't beat without a good plan or some big help. I think ther are two reasons why Thor is after Kratos and Atreus/Loki. The first is simple. He wants revenge because they killed both his sons and his brother. The second reason is that Odin send him to capture Atreus/Loki and Mimir. This two reasons will lead to the first big fight between him and Kratos. In my theory Thor will somehow manage to "kill" Kratos and take Atreus/Loki and Mimir with him. But this won't be the last battle between them.

Kratos escapes from Helheim: When Kratos dies he won't go to Valhalla. If you guys are familiar with norse myth. you would know that Valhalla is for the people who will fight with Odin at Ragnarok. And Odin definitely can't control Kratos lol. Kratos will go to Helheim and escape after a big battle with that giant bird.

Svartalfheim and Vanaheim: When Kratos escapes from Helheim he will try everything to find a way to Asgard. He will remember a story Mimir once told. A story about the son of the giant Thamur who told Freya about the weakness of the walls in Asgard. But Kratos also knows that he and Freya aren't allies anymore. He will go to the two dwarfs (Brok and Sindri) and ask them where Freya could be. They will tell him that she somehow broke her curse and returned to Vanaheim. Kratos will ask them afterwards how to get there and they will send him to there homeland Svartalfheim first to get more information. When Kratos arrives at Svartalfheim (I also think it will be the new hub-world) he will learn more about the history of the Vanir and the aesir. And he will get his information about how he gets to Vanaheim.


Kratos vs The Vanir: When Kratos arrives at Vanaheim after some time everything will be against him…Even the plants and animals there. We will also probably see gods like Njord there. The main event in Vanaheim will be the big fight between Kratos and the Twins Freyr and Freya. In this we will learn about the deal between Freya and Odin. The deal was that Odin will break all her curses when she tells him the location of Kratos and Atreus/Loki. When you finished the boss-fight Kratos will try everything to convince Freya to help him. Kratos will tell her what happend to Atreus/Loki and he will also blame her for that while he's controlling his rage. After some time of talking they will from an alliance the attack Asgard

Loki: I personally think that time in Asgard flows very different than in the other realms. Atreus/Loki is few years older now. The last time he saw his father Kratos is a long time ago. He thinks that Kratos abandoned him. Odin also told him completely everything about his father's past. But he changed many things. Odin manipulated him. Atreus calls himself Loki now and is against his real father Kratos

I don't have any ideas anymore…But I'm not done yet.

Boss-Fights I want to see: -Kratos vs Thor (Round 1, Midgard) -Kratos vs Helheim-Bird (Helheim) -Kratos vs ???? (Svartalfheim) -Kratos vs Monster Plants (Vanaheim) -Kratos vs Njord (just a little clash, Vanaheim) -Kratos vs Freyr & Freya (Vanaheim) -Kratos vs Heimdall (Asgard) -Kratos vs Odin (just a little clash, Asgard)

Some things I want to see too: -Kratos and Atreus/Loki freeing Fenrir -Kratos and Fenrir recognizing each other (read the novel) -Heimdall being a absolute beast -Valhalla -Odin using his spear Gungnir and his magic -Njord action in Vanaheim -Kratos using Mjolnir for a few seconds when he fights Thor for the first time -Yggdrasil (all of it) -Skíðblaðnir (flying ship the vanir gods used) -A scene where Kratos isn't able to control his rage -Surtr finishing his sword (teaser for GOW6) -Skol and Hati catching the sun and moon (teaser for GOW6) -Jormungandr lifting up his tail (teaser for GOW6) -Heimdall blowing his horn (teaser for GOW6)

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