God of War

Name One Video Game Character that has Suffer More than Kratos Ever Will

God of War 3 - Name One Video Game Character that has Suffer More than Kratos Ever Will


Born a bastard, and raised without a father figure.

He was raised to be a warrior and kill others. No childhood.

His only brother was taken from him when he was child by one of his other half-brother who would use him and destroyed his future. His half-sister let this event happened.

His mother was taken from him and imprisoned in a tower and cursed to be a monster for the remaining days of her mortal life.

He sold his soul to his half-brother to live on, win, and see his wife and daughter again.

He was molded and shaped into a killer by his half-brother to kill innocent, enemies, and kin for selling his soul. Some of the kills were not willingly and some were.

He was tricked into killing his own wife and daughter. Both were inside a dark house where his half-brother had brought them.

He is hunted by PTSD trauma and illusions of his own past by his half-brother’s lovers. He had 3 lovers to be exact.

His soul contract is bound to his nephew by his half-brother.

He kills his half-brother’s lovers, and his own nephew. He didn’t want to kill his nephew but is burden by his nephew’s final request to be free.

Many innocent people died indirectly by his actions, something he has to bare too.

Breaking his soul contract that bonded him to his half-brother releases a loop nightmare every night of him killing his own wife and daughter.

He decided to serve his father and his other half-siblings for years so they would release him of the nightmares that haunt his dreams.

He came to his father and half-siblings aid and saved them from Morpheus’s eternal sleep who was just buying time for his uncle’s wife to destroy the whole world and afterlife with the help of the titan, Atlas. He gave up his second chance to be with his daughter forever by killing good souls in the afterlife to save the mortal world. His father and his half siblings didn’t even give him their gratitude. They let him wounded on a cliff to survive on his own.

His half-sister comes up with a plan to get rid of their half-brother, so he aids him to kill his own half-brother and take revenge for what he did to his wife and daughter. She willingly helps him release the evils – greed, hate, and fear into the world among the seven deadly sins. She assumed that he would absorb those powers to kill his half-brother. But she was wrong. He released those evils to his family and infected them, changed them.

He was forgiven. But his nightmares were never taken and this took the point of committing suicide. Even death was neglected to him by his half-sister and was given his half-brother’s old job. The same one he killed.

His father poison his nightmares with a different vision of his mother been alive and trap to which his half-sister told him not to searched. He didn’t listen and went to save his mother.

He found the truth about his mother been cursed and imprison and was left with no choice but to kill his own mother who turned into a monster. Something his father wanted. His father dogged three graves with the intention of burying him and his old family.


Before dying his mother tells him that his brother is alive. He sets off to find him to which they fight because his brother hates him for abandon him and because he never try to look for him. He found his brother after all this years to only to lose his brother to the hands of death literally minutes later.

He is enraged and kills the God of Death, Thanatos, becoming Death itself. Cursed to never die and walk the Earth for eternity.

At this point he is shaped into the monster they all wanted to become and decides to express his feelings by conquering other cities and waging wars in the name of his homeland, Sparta. His father isn’t happy and afraid that he one day may take his place and decides to kill him.

But he can’t die. He is cursed. He heals his wound and comes back to life for revenge. He is aid and told by his great-grandmother what to do. In his quest for revenge he kills many of his uncles, aunts, step-mother, half-brothers, and half-sisters willingly and unwillingly. He was also betrayed by his great-grandmother who only used him and let him died a second time. He comes back and kills his great-grandmother and his grandfather. Not to mention he also killed his father who tortured many people in his life time. His niece died for his need for vengeance because of his half-sister’s motivation for power. She wanted him to retrieve that power and gave it to her in the end.

He killed himself once more releasing the power of Hope himself which he had taken from Pandora’s Box and used to kill the gods to humanity so they could survive. He committed suicide but yet he couldn’t die again.

200 years later.

He left everything behind and has been leaving on Scandanavia as he literally left Greece and traveled across Europe until he came into lands ruled by the Norse God's Midgard. He trained his soul, body and mind to leave everything he was behind. He settle in with a woman and had another change of been a father. He is bound to his new son who he barely had an attachment to until his second wife died. He teaches the boy how to survive, and kill. He almost lost him to an illness caused by his heritage. He had no choice but to tell his son the horrible things he had done in the past. But soon he will have to realize that his son will be left alone one way or another. If the cursed of immortality doesn’t kick in where he continues to life and watch everyone around him taken for eternity.

Or maybe he will finally die and let his son alone in the world. But he won’t rest. No. In this video game world death is just another life where you get tortured for eternity.

He won’t have any rest. No video game character has suffered more than Kratos.

If you think I missed something about this man’s suffering. Let me know.

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