God of War

New Discoveries after Soul-Crushing Amount of Gameplay

God of War 9 - New Discoveries after Soul-Crushing Amount of Gameplay

If you're like me where you've beaten the story multiple times, beaten Sigrun multiple times, and have spent an embarrassing amount of time in Niflheim, you're likely also still discovering just how much depth is in this game! Here's a few things I just picked up on (mild spoilers):

1.Finally figured out an easy way to deal with Revenants- THE DEER!! A fully leveled deer runic stuns the mess out of them. Never seen a Revenent in one spot for so long til I tried this. It was the deer all along!

  1. If you (accidentally) summon a bitter squirrel during a fight, Mimir starts to talk about what an interesting story the squirrel is, and Kratos screams "HEAD SILENCE!" Brilliant.

  2. The shattered gauntlet isn't the only talisman you can add enchantment's to. Aegir's protection also lets you add extra slots!

  3. Fully leveled Muspelheim gear ranks higher in power than fully leveled Ivaldi armor. I guess there's something to be said for lighting everything on fire after you've taken a few hits. Don't sleep on Muspelheim gear!

Welp, that's all I've got. (Obviously the second one is the most useful). Guess I'll finally give new game plus a go. Does anyone else have some cool post-story knowledge?

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