God of War

New to franchise, came straight from GOW3 and….I’m a bit disappointed?

God of War 6 - New to franchise, came straight from GOW3 and....I’m a bit disappointed?

I got GOW3 free on psplus…..it’s not a game I would have bough :I’m mainly but not exclusively an FPS guy, but …I really loved it. The lore, the combat, the character, the design, the progressive difficulty … it was brilliantly done. A very high quality software product and it’s broke my Call of duty addiction – I’m grateful for that!

Like it was supposed to do, It turned me on to GOW (4) which I promised to buy only when I completed 3. (I’m not a great finisher). I saw that the reviews are off the hook, I joined the subreddit, buy it., ….and off we go and…. it’s a very different game.


I am delighted to see my hero Kratos develop and begin a new episode in his life, but it’s gone all RPG and open worldy.

To be clear, I am enjoying it. It’s an epic production that deserves accolades _ , but it does not thrill me like GOW3 did.

At the back of my mind, I’m thinking, if I wanted this type of game I’d play Witcher …….and that open games like this surely have to be multiplayer in 2018 .

Is that harsh ?

It is my first impression. I only just reached alfgeim, and I know Im late to the party….but still. These are my thoughts.


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