God of War

New to franchise, rating my GOW marathon

God of War 4 - New to franchise, rating my GOW marathon

During quarantine I decided to catch up on 2 video game franchises that I've been interested in but for whatever reason just never got around to playing, one being the God of War franchise and the other the Devil May Cry franchise. I wanted to share my ratings for the GOW games I've played so far as I have not completed them all yet. I have completed GOW 1, GOW 2, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, I am currently about halfway through Ascension which will be followed by GOW 3: Remastered and finally GOW 2018 which ill provide ratings for later. So without further wait, here are my ratings of the current GOW games.

GOW 1: For a game made in 2005 on PS2 its amazing how well the game looks and plays mechanically! Obviously compared to games these days the graphics are pretty dated, but i think its important to look at it through the lens of the times and it was definitely ahead of its time. Gameplay and pacing is amazing, the boss fights are amazing, the power up of weapons and magic are awesome, the only criticisms I really have about the game are that there is some repetitive-ness to the villians eventho I love the uniqueness to the different enemies and I feel the story isn't very developed, but the games later in the franchise definitely add on to the story and developed it more as a whole. Rating 9/10

GOW 2: This game took everything that was great about the first game and enhanced it, plus added a more fleshed out story. This was definitely a darker game which I throughly enjoyed. The bosses were bigger and better (that final Zues battle!) And the ending was amazing! This was definitely the game that added more appeal to Kratos, and its amazing to that this game was a Ps2 game considering how amazing it looks! This is how you create a sequel, take everything that made the original great and enhance it, flesh out the characters and story and not lose site of pacing and playability. Rating 9.5/10


Chains of Olympus: Excellent story, gameplay not as good as previous games but its understandable since it was a port of PSP (eventho Ghost of Sparta kinda proved a PSP port can do so much more). The game was enjoyable the story carried the game but the action was still fun and GOW worthy. Boss fights were not as great a previous games, but nonetheless the game was solid and enjoyable. Some of the enemies were still pretty repetitive and the game didn't reinvent the wheel but there were still great moments (towards the end where Kratos has to shun his daughter to save Olympus, that part was crazy!). Rating 8/10.

Ghost of Sparta: For this also being a PSP port the graphics were amazing! Definitely took it up major notches graphically and mechanically than Chains of Olympus eventho I don't necessarily believe the story was as good eventho it is still very good! All these games are so well paced and this game is no exception, I loved the saga of Kratos and his brother and how flashbacks really play a big part and paint a more vivid picture of Kratos. Amazing action eventho it still doesn't reinvent the wheel much. All in all still a great game, awesome story, awesome bosses, final fight with bro is intense. Rating 8.5/10

Any questions, thoughts or comments are welcome, looking forward to completing the last 3 games in the marathon and im really looking forward to the new GOW which will hopefully come out this year! (I have my ps5 ready for it!)

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