God of War

Notes for beating Sigrun for non-twitch players

God of War 5 - Notes for beating Sigrun for non-twitch players

Hi all, we've all seen videos of the dudes beating Sigrun with no armor, or with fists only, or only operating the joystick using their penis, but for the rest of us who aren't capable of magical timing, stepping through attacks as if they werent there, and the ability to completely stunlock Sigrun, the whole prospect of this thing is brutal.

Anyways, since I haven't actually seen many places that actually collect notes or suggestions on how to survive her, I thought I would give it a go. These are just my personal observations so feel free to ignore me if it doesn't suit your play style. I just beat her for the second time. First was GMGOW, and now on GMGOW NG+. Please note that GMGOW NG+ Sigrun is 11 times harder than GMGOW Sigrun.

Some of this might not fit into the actual mechanics of the fight, but they fit my observations on her behavior and my own observations about my failings in timing and strategy.

  1. WOLVES. Don't bother with anything else. You can get 2-3 wolf attacks in during a play. The stun effect seems to really allow you to lay in the damage when she is being attacked by wolves. Also, if you want to regain your breath and your focus, you can jump back when the wolves are out to take a moment.
  2. Keep the Leviathan Axe out. Don't use the Blades unless you are using the runics. The scepter slam will give you maybe one second to line up a throw to knock her out of the sky. Don't ruin your moment by having to switch weapons right before you get blown to shit.
  3. You will never ever succeed in whatever you're planning on doing if you're sprinting to get to her. She loves attacking. Let her come to you. She flies back faster than you can sprint, so you're leaving yourself very vulnerable to an attack you're not going to have time to dodge if you're sprinting.
  4. Axe R1, R1, R1, R2. That R2 combo finisher eats her health down quite a bit and at any time during the attack if you see she is recovering and setting up an attack, you can dodge out. If you have her in a Realm shift, use the altered stance R1 axe combo. You shouldn't be attacking with blades unless you want to eat a scepter slam.
  5. Avoid the light burst attack by looking at the floor or quick-turning around. She telescopes the light blast really obviously and follows up with her ring attack, her arrow attack, or by flying at you.
  6. If you see that you haven't staggered her with your attack, don't bother trying to finish a combo, run away and regroup and prepare for the next attack.
  7. Never ever allow yourself to be backed up against a wall. Especially if you can't easily strafe to right. If she flies away, you're going to be spending your time fighting with the camera, and she's going to dominate you before you can even see her coming.
  8. Always be strafing right. Give yourself lots of room to do it. Sigrun telescopes her right wing lunge visibly, but she doesn't have to. She can just jump back and immediately come back with the lunge. Just keep strafing right.
  9. Hel's Touch should be your Light Runic attack for Axe. You might be tempted to use it, but don't. It's much more valuable as a last second defensive attack. It nearly always stuns her.
  10. Hel's Touch + Mark of Kvasir = great way to stop her from using her Valhalla attack on you. Mark procs very well with the Valhalla attack because the timing is so precise to survive it. If the Realm Shift happens after she tries to land on you, Hel's Touch will almost always stun her and end the Valhalla combo.
  11. This is a personal preference, but if you're not a twitch player avoiding every single attack, it might be best to load yourself up with Zeus gear and strength stats and beat her quickly rather than leaving anything to survive her attacks. If you can't avoid getting hit from her, then there's really no point in saving yourself up so you end up getting killed when she hits you a second time. Win with speed and intensity rather than trying to out-survive her.
  12. Stats and damage are more important than perks.
  13. Mark of Protection is your best friend. It turns her difficult-to-dodge scythe attack into an easily blocked and parried opportunity to lay into her with an axe combo or Blades runics.
  14. Enchantments with "Defender's Cooldown" perk will turn your lower your runic attack cooldowns substantially. If she starts attacking you with the ice blocks, Defender's Cooldown will have all your Runic attacks ready as soon as she's done.
  15. Spartan Rage is best used for stunning Sigrun rather than attacking. On top of none of the attacks being very helpful against her, when you run out of rage, you risk losing it at the worst possible time, like during her wing spin, which leaves you at her mercy while she chews off your health before you can block again.
  16. If you find yourself getting aggravated or distracted by past attempts WHILE you are fighting her, just quit and give yourself a break. You're losing focus and your future attempts will have less and less success.

That's all. I know some of these are common knowledge but I thought it might be helpful to contribute everything that helped me get through two rounds with her. I intend to play the game a third time with GMGOW NG++ and do it again.

Hope this helps some of you out there. Good luck!

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