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(Obvious Spoilers Are Obvious) Will We Kill the Aesir In the God of War 5 and 6?

God of War 7 - (Obvious Spoilers Are Obvious) Will We Kill the Aesir In the God of War 5 and 6?

Spoilers… Again…. Spoiler Warning! For literally every God of War game including the new one.

(I got the idea of Kratos being the god of *blank, you'll find out in a second* from Jokengonzo.)

After we kill Magni and scare away Modi. Atreus says he's surprised Magni died. Then Mimir says something about gods not needing help from Valkyries to get to Valhalla, they just naturally go there. Also, Thor is fated to fight Jormangandr in Ragnarok. Now, I got this idea from Jokengonzo's post but, I think Kratos is not only the god of war, but also the god of death. Think about it. He kills Ares, Athena, Poseidon, Hades, Persephone, Kronos, all kinds of immortals. Where did he get his god of death powers from though? Here's what I think. In Ghost of Sparta Kratos and his brother kill Thanatos, who is the god of death. I think that if you defeat Thanatos you are the new god of death.

Now, knowing that Kratos is possibly the god of death, his explains why he just can't stay dead. While he doesn't die and go to Helheim in the new game, he goes there on his own, but every other time Kratos would have died he just doesn't. In God of War 3 this may be because he is cursed to walk the earth, but in the other games where he busts out of the underworld, he has no excuse. Maybe he's just good at jailbreak.

What I'm trying to get at is the question of what degree of dead are Magni, Modi and Baldur? Are they dead as in they are in Valhalla? Did Kratos slap them upside the head and say go to Hel? Are they floating around pretty bored in Ginnungagap? Or are they straight up non-existent now? And, in the mythology Thor gets killed by Jormungand in Ragnarok, and Odin is swallowed by Fenrir (The big bad wolf.) Ragnarok is slightly different in God of War, but we know that Thor is going to be at least bit by Jormungand during Ragnarok. I want to know how we're going to kill Thor and Odin, since they're both going to be present during Ragnarok.

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We already know Thor's knocking. You probably know this but I'll say it anyways. If you go home and go to sleep you get a dream Atreus is having. It is of Thor coming to their house and standing in their front yard like a creepy stalker. (Which he probably is.) We can assume this isn't just a dream since Atreus is half giant, and giants posses the power of foresight.

Since Thor and Odin are already going to be present at Ragnarok. One possibility is that we'll kill them at Ragnarok.

Another possibility is that Kratos is not only the god of death, but fate as well. He was able to resist the Sisters of Fate. who says he didn't get a small control of fate he was unaware of? Maybe that's how he could kill all the gods and it wasn't because he was the god of death. But, maybe not since he did kill Ares before Thanatos and the Fates….. But if Kratos was the god of fate maybe he can kill Thor and Odin outside of Ragnarok.

I would like to end this list with a list of gods I wanna kill… Odin, Thor, Lodur, Forsetti, Uller, Vidar, Heimdallr, Tyr, (wait, he's dead, and he was peaceful, so never mind about Tyr.) I'd also like to kill Aegir, although I'm not sure if he's sided with the Aesir of not in this probably trilogy.

I also can't wait to possibly go to other mythologies.

Welp, that's the end of my post.


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