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God of War 3 - Open World?

Hi everyone,

I recently started playing the new God of War, after finishing RDR2. I am a big fan of “open world” games in general (RDR2, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, etc.), and first became interested in the new GoW, because I heard that it was also going to be “open world”, and less of a linear platformer like the original trilogy (I bought GoW3 on sale years ago, but after playing it for a couple of hours, I realized that it wasn’t for me).


Anyway, now that I am a couple of hours into the new GoW (I beat the stranger and have started my quest towards the mountain, and just fought the witch that shoots poison at me), I’m going to ask what some might consider to be a “stupid question”—“when does the game become “open world”?” So far, it seems very linear: discover new area, fight enemies, solve puzzle, discover near area, fight enemies, solve puzzle, rinse and repeat. I had assumed it would be somewhat similar to the other open world games that I just mentioned (wherein I can go anywhere I want on the map, do main quests and/or side quests in any order, interact with NPCs, etc.). Admittedly, a lot of open world games tend to be fairly linear at the beginning (for example, RDR2 didn’t really become open world until chapter 2), so maybe I just haven’t reached the point yet in GoW when the world “opens up”.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if the game will become more open-ended later on, or if it will remain somewhat linear all the way through. I must admit, it’s a beautiful experience either way, but I couldn’t resist posing this question to the experts. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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