God of War

Personal Theory and prediction on GOW 5 events

God of War 1 - Personal Theory and prediction on GOW 5 events

Hello everyone, As I can imagine you must be as hype as me for GOW 5. I’m here to discuss potentiel events for the next game based on north mythology events and ingame insights.

Potential spoilers ? It’s just theory so idk but I based some stuff on north mythology events

As we see in the very last cutscene of the game when you come home, Atreus has a vision that Thor will come in a few years at their door. Considering he will certainly come before Ragnarok we have a three gap year for the next game. (Based on Fimbulwinter that starts at the end of the game, Brok and Sindri stated that. Also the winter is supposed to be 3 years long)

Considering that Atreus is between 9 and 13 based on looks that makes him 16 maximum in the next game so I’m very curious to see how he’s going to look. (If anyone has his exact age I will be interested but I own the artbook and it’s never stated so idk) so I wonder if the devs are going for the Atreus has hit puberty and he’s now a teenarger that will try our patience and build-up conflict with Kratos based on teenage angst ? I’m not a fan at all of that considering we did already have an angsty Atreus and while I love my small been I must admit I hated him pretty bad during the cocky time.

So we have Thor that will maybe come at the beginning of the game and we have a nice bossfight just like with the Stranger at the beginning of GOW. So : -either we won the battle and I don’t know what happens next -or we’re made to lose it no matter what. And it might possibly be this because traditionnal GOW stuff to have us lose all of our abilities at the start of each games. This is were I put some nice mythology events. Loki is supposed to be chain in a cave before Ragnarök. He free himself to start the end of all things so I wonder : Maybe we lose against Thor and he takes our boy to Asgard. Thinking that Kratos is dead he left him. Kratos will then tries to go to Asgard to free Atreus, will succeed, triggering the beginning of the Ragnarök.


We have 3 realms left to see and that makes : -Asgard (that I believe will not be accessible at the beginning) -Vanaheim -Svartalfheim

Freya will be in the game since her actress made a tweet saying that’s it’s nice to be back on GOW. Maybe we fight her just after Thor and since she really likes Atreus, we kick back some sense into her and she help us to riot Asgard ? I do believe that a plot line of her reaching back the Vanir will be there. So maybe we’ll go to Vanaheim in order to make the Vanir our Allies ?

If we go for the route that Loki is chained in a cave until Ragnarök starts, that means that we won’t have Boy for a part of the game with us (a bit like the Sickness passage).

Also we still have plots to discuss : -GOW is all about breaking Fates so I don’t believe that Kratos will die.

-We need to learn more about Faye

-Odin will not die in Gow 5. i think the Allfather will be our ennemi for the 6

-The world serpent will certainly assist us during the fight with Thor (As I stated earlier, if Atreus’s vision is correct he’ll come for us at our home. But if he does that I don’t believe it will be a winning fight)

-I still think that Atreus and Kratos will have some sort of conflict. Maybe he’ll be mad that Kratos left him the be prisonner of Asgard? A big plot point of GOW 4 was that sons kills their father and Boy and Dad wants to end the cycle. It is possible that they’ll fight in game but I don’t believe that Atreus will kill Kratos because they will end the cycle 🙂

-We need to fight the Bird in Helheim !

-Also is Tyr still alive ? I can’t recall if something in the game tells that otherwise I think he will have a role to play.

Well that was long but if you have insights to add, plot points that you don’t agree, please tell me ! I’m here to discuss it !

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