God of War

Power tier list

God of War 2 - Power tier list

I made a tier list of how powerful each major character is A few rules -there are power differences in the same tier -some characters are grouped(ex. Primordials) bacause they are shown to be roughly equal in power, if a member has shown better or worse feats they will be placed elsewhere

SS tier: hope Kratos and fear Zeus

Fear Zeus blitzed and choked normal gow 3 kratos and hope kratos destroyed fear Zeus, they are mich more powerful than any other character in the series

S tier: Kratos (no hope but all equipment and magic), Zeus (not spirit form) and the Sisters of fate

Was thinking of putting them in the same tier as the tier below but there is enough of a power difference to set them apart, the sisters are here because they have been repeatedly stated to control everyones fate and have everyones respect

A tier: Poseidon, Hades, Cronos, Atlas, Helios, Primordials(Ouranos and Morpheus stand out as the strongest)

Poseidon and Hades are easely explained, Atlas and Cronos are the strongest Titans and we have repeatedly seen that it takes Zeus, Poseidon or Hades to take them down with lower Olympians being comparable to the lower titans, the primordials are insanely powerful and all around the same level and it is confirmed that Cronos had a cosmic battle with Ouranus, Helios also banishes Nyx every night

B tier: Ares, Athena, Hercules, other Titans, Deimos


Ares and Athena have always been stated to be stronger than the weaker Olympians but weaker than the 3 big god bros, Hercules could fight gow 3 Kratos and mach him in strenght (he could even go in A tier), Deimos could harm Thanatos and is alsso a demigod son of Zeus

C tier: lower Olympians, ghostly Alrik

Alrik managed a good fight against gow 2 kratos and the lower olympians have been shown to be extremely tough(Perzephone had to be killed with the gauntlet of Zeus, Hermes has the speed to go a tier or two higher but he is not strong enough)

D tier: Furies, Aegeon, Theseus, Perseus

Kratos needed the shield of helios and gauntlet of Zeus to kill a lower olympian (Perzephone) and he killed the furies without such powerful weapons, Theseus and Perseus posed no threat to Kratos only lasting longer because of minions and invisibility (still demigods tho)

F tier: Spartan who was killed by Kratos in gow 2, most monsters

No explanation needed

the norse characters are hard to scale because Kratos is weaker in Midgard than in Greece, but we do not know to which extent altho i would speculate

Odin, Surtur, Freya S tier, Thor, Baldur, Ymir, big snek A tier, Sigrun and Valkyries B tier, Magni and Modi in between B and C, other Agardians sprinkled as you see fit, Atreus at the end of the game should be similar to Magni and Modi

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