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Premise of GOW 5 Theory [GOW 4 Spoilers and If I’m Right, GOW 5 Spoilers! :) ]

God of War 1 - Premise of GOW 5 Theory [GOW 4 Spoilers and If I'm Right, GOW 5 Spoilers! :) ]

I have some thoughts on what the premise of GOW 5 will be. Basically just woke up from a dream about this game so fresh in my mind.

Here's some facts / assumptions I have:

  1. It was either Kratos and/or Atreus/Loki who blew the horn – this certainly means there's an aspect of time travel / shifted timelines happening
  2. We know that Jörmungandr is Loki's son in Norse myth
  3. We know that at Ragnarok, Jörmungandr gets thrown back in time from being hit with Mjolnir so hard
  4. So the fact that Jörmungandr exists before his dad was born makes the above pretty solid
  5. We know that Jörmungandr recognises Atreus when we first blows the horn, but Mimir doesn't give the full story in his translation there. (C Barlog mentions this in an interview and it isn't clear in the game when it happens). This also explains why Jörmungandr is a friendly character and that Faye can already confidently tell Atreus that he's friendly ahead of time (she already knows they're father/son)
  6. GOW 4 ends with a vision of Thor at their doorstep (a few winters later). We know Fimbulvinter lasts 3 full winters, so this is pretty safe to assume that Thor's there to try and do something about preventing Ragnarok.
  7. We know how Thor dies In Norse Myth,>! Jörmungandr kills Thor by his poison (Eitr)!<
  8. Thor obviously doesn't know that the Levithian Axe is now laced/imbued with Eitr.

Now from a GOW 5 perspective, there's a couple thoughts

  1. In all of the sequel games in the series, there's an event at the start that just ruins your progress from the last game. You lose your armour, your location or whatever
  2. What better way for this to happen than to get absolutely smashed by Mjolnir, it obliterates your armour and sends you 3 years back in time to around about the time Atreus is sick. (This is either Kratos alone, or with Atreus, haven't decided on this one yet, but considering Loki spends time with the Aesir in the Norse Myth, it might make sense that Kratos is alone for part of this journey, and his now new mission is to get back to the future and fight the Aesir to get his son back
  3. I can only assume that Mimir comes with Kratos on this journey – I feel like Kratos still doesn't know enough about this area to run it alone
  4. You interact with Brok and Sindri, and this may explain why they aren't around at some points in the GOW 4 story, because they're helping future you with stuff
  5. Jörmungandr has been through time, Kratos blows the horn and gets whatever help he might need – whether that's getting tail whipped into the future, getting time travel advice or simply blowing the horn to warn GOW 4 Kratos about future events about to transpire (i doubt the latter, it's not like Kratos to be preventative. He just deals with shit in front of him).

I don't have many other ideas on how it transpires after that, other than Atreus might be having a bit of fun with the Aesir Gods and we may see him blur the lines between being a good God ("We must be better"), or follow his path of arrogance that we've seen hints on in GOW 4.

Given that Kratos has killed basically every one of his family members (Dad, Granddad, Sister, Brother(s) except Diemos, Uncles Aunties, Wife & Daughter and so on), it's not so far-fetched to me that we could actually see Atreus as an opponent at a certain point. He'd be the penultimate Boss in my eyes, as he's been trained by the best, has the foresight of the Giants and the strength of not only Norse Gods, but Greek Gods too. He's the Grandson of Zeus after all!

Thoughts? Have a great New Years!

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