God of War

PSA about the game

God of War 1 - PSA about the game

*Tyr is odins son Kratos is zeus The game goes into detail about this, so does wiki

*They arent the same person.

*Odin is not zeus

*I know jormagandur has a bit of red on his face but i assure you he is not kratos

*Odin used the two wolves to bring kratos to midgard.

*Kratos isnt weak or slow he just isnt in constant spartan rage like the old games

*Water is wet

*Time travle is a thing in this game but its not a time travle based series.. So kratos isnt going back in time to other pantheons to rewrite wrongs or whatever. He already has the unity stone. After he kills norse mythology then he'll go and kill the egyptians

*The game isnt following norse mythos 100% true. Its more 80%-20% and that 20% are little things like kratos being farbauti and frigg being a pet name for freya, given to her by odin and baldur not dieing by the hand of his brother hodr but by Atreus/loki. Besides those things its pretty accurate portrayal.


*Loki/Atreus does not have personality disorder. He is a kid who just found out he is a god plus he had a chug of aged wine. Loki is known for becoming the BIGGEST d*ck when he drinks. Thats reason the gods end up tying him to the slab of stone. He got drunk and started telling all there secrets in front of each other. (Who stole from who, whom had a affair with whom ECT)

*Atreus is loki.. Not some other type of loki.. Or that one obscure giant whos name had loki in it from the myths. No this is THE loki

*So lets start coming up with theorys that make sense!!


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