God of War

Ragnarok and beyond theory/ ramblings

God of War 1 - Ragnarok and beyond theory/ ramblings

After replaying the game again with the new games in mind, I have a potential plot idea for the rest of this trilogy based on events in the games past which could come into play for some narrative parallels. I think one of the main themes of the trilogy as a whole will be breaking the cycle, both of violence and revenge. Long read, sorry just started and it flowed into something much larger than originally planned.

As many of you probably agree, the next game will most likely begin with a fight with Thor. Now there seems to be two camps for how people believe this fight will go; either with Thor being defeated early on due to Jormungandr’s venom being embedded into the leviathan axe or that Thor will absolutely decimate Kratos. I personally think it will be the later for narrative reasons. During this opening battle, I believe that Thor will smash both Kratos and Atreus hard into the tree of life, sending them back in time similar to his fight with Jormungandr in the future. Whilst flying through the strands of time, Kratos and Atreus will become separated. They will find themselves in the past, in different realms. Much of the game will remain in Kratos’ perspective.

Kratos wakes in Jotunheim, about a decade in the past. At first disorientated, and then panicked, Kratos calls out for Atreus to no avail. Over time he comes to realise what has happened, with the help of Mimir and a younger Faye, who he meets upon chance whilst searching desperately for Atreus. For a portion of the game Faye takes the place of Atreus in your party, allowing for similar combat to the first but also adding in an emotional weight. Though hesitant at first, Kratos begins to open up to Faye as she recognises that he is from the future. Though we know Faye had great insight into the future, this would further explain how she knew to mark every step of their journey after her death. Through a variety of actions, Kratos will be able to enter the world tree again and travel forward in time, possibly even with the help from Tyr. He will go to Asgard, initially to get revenge for Atreus but guided by something Tyr gave Kratos, or from the advice of Mimir, ends up going to the dungeons. This is where he would come across an older, much more skilled Atreus, now going by Loki. He will learn that Loki landed in Vanaheim about the same time as Kratos, where he spent over a decade learning there magic and becoming proficient with turning into creatures. He travelled back to Midgard about two years prior, during the events of the first game. Here he helped them out behind the scenes, including calling Jormgundr when he was ill before. We will see this scene play out, this time from the perspective of Loki who in fact was just using the horn to let him know that the younger Atreus will be fine. I like the idea of the horn being both a moment of significance but also a subversion at the same time. We already know that only a few can speak to Jormgundr who he actually likes which narrows down who it could be. During this time he will be captured by the Aesir, probably Thor or Odin, where he is tortured for years over his knowledge of the giants and the Greeks.


Replaying the game again was such a rewarding experience, from the level of depth and detail in the world lore to the relationship between Kratos and Atreus. I know this is just a fan theory, but definitely an interesting way the series could go with the seeds planted in the first game. I’d also like to make it clear that I see this being maybe the first portion of the game, with the majority being Kratos and Atreus dealing and working together after so much time apart. This time jump for Atreus could also lead to some exciting progression, with him using a combination of his bow, Vanir magic and creature transformations. This could also lead into a natural development of the travelling system. In the lore book, there are diary entries by Atreus which say the lake has frozen over which means no more boating around. What about instead we are riding a giant Atreus wolf? That to me sounds like a lot of fun, with some possibility for combat options for on the wolf as well. I have more things I want to discuss but will leave them for a later post. Sorry for the long read but hope that their are some ideas that people like or that we see in the next game.

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