God of War

RANT: I Love this game, but…

God of War 3 - RANT: I Love this game, but...

First off, I think this game is amazing. The graphics, the storyline especially, it’s all outstanding. Absolutely Love the relationship growth between father & son. Just the one thing that is really ruining the game for me are the timed puzzles. They aren’t hard to figure out at all, I love having to use my head to unlock something. I just can’t stand having to use the aim & trigger in time to finish them. I can understand these kinds of tests for achievements or unlocking skins but ugh…for items that can advance or upgrade gear is mildly infuriating for me.

There is literally a puzzle with a One second window of opportunity to unlock. Yeah, I got it after a while, but I still think this style of ‘Puzzle’ (if I could call them that) has always been bad IMO. I’d much rather have to figure out angled throws to ricochet multiple times to hit a target, or something like that, anything than be on a timer.

Rant over.

On my First play through & yet to complete. Unsure how far I am but I’m exploring before having to return to Serpent’s horn in Midgard. Game is still super wicked so far & apart from this rant, God of War & HZD are my favourite games to date.


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