God of War

Regarding Prophecy

God of War 2 - Regarding Prophecy

Major spoilers ahead for the game.

I recently finished the game about 2 days ago, and I've been pretty obsessed with it ever since. It was pretty overwhelming, to say the least. I played the original trilogy beforehand to ready myself for the new game (I plan on getting Ascension soon), and it's easily my favourite by a mile.

Anyway, one thing in particular has been on my mind recently: the nature of prophecy and how it relates to Faye.

In GoW, I don't think it really clarifies what prophecy actually entails. Is it the ability to witness a future that is set in stone, whose sequence of events can't be changed, no matter what? Or is it more along the lines of simple prophecy, where the future in question hasn't taken place yet, and could still be affected? I think it's the latter, and the certainty of a given event happening depends on what that event actually is e.g. Ragnarok.

There's been a lot of discussion on here about whether or not Faye married and bore the son of Kratos simply to hasten Ragnarok as revenge against the Aesir. However, the developers have stated that she truly did love the Ghost of Sparta, so this leads to two conclusions: either Faye initially married Kratos for her own purposes, but came to love him, or she loved him from the start, without giving any thought to what she saw in the future.


Given all this, I personally think it's the latter, and that's based on the idea that Faye surely knew she was going to die if she married Kratos.

It's reasonable to assume that Faye could see her death beforehand, given how present she was during her husband's and son's began journey. She could see how it would all pan out beforehand, and yet she still followed the cycle of events that lead to her demise. Faye even embraced the fact, because she saw what it would do for Kratos and Atreus.

I highly doubt that Faye ever started her relationship with Kratos as a means to an end. I think it's safe to assume that she knew that her kind were basically extinct before Atreus was even born, so it just seems like empty revenge at that point. Additionally, Ragnarok seems a bit excessive for someone of Faye's character.

Overall, I think Faye chose Kratos because the time spent with him was worth far more than anything else she would do, despite knowing it would lead to her death. Her love for him had greater worth than the rest of the years of her life.

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