God of War

Response to Kaptain Kuba’s Video Regarding Ragnarok

God of War 4 - Response to Kaptain Kuba's Video Regarding Ragnarok

The following is just a response to a Kaptain Kuba video regarding Ragnarok. I’ve outlined some points as to why I believe what he’s saying is wrong. — Ragnarok has not happened yet in this timeline. 1. The Thor statue holding the snake is not proof of Ragnarok. Freya tells us that the Serpent “just appeared” one day. As a response, Thor battled him and it ended in a stalemate, as Freya tells us, and he returns to Odin “empty-handed.” The statue is merely an honorary statue dedicated to Thor and the statue depicts Thor with a serpent in his hand as if he bested Jormungandr, but in reality, it was a stalemate, another way to manipulate the truth, as the Aesir, esp. Odin is known for doing. 2. Freya tells us that she fears Ragnarok and that she wishes she didn’t believe it was true. If Ragnarok already happened, then why is Freya talking about it as if it has yet to happen? 3. At the beginning of the video, he shows the clip of Mimir talking about Thor and Jormungandr’s battle come Ragnarok. He believes this means it HAS happened, but what he is not understanding is that it did happen but in another timeline because Mimir describes the battle as a prophecy of something that WILL happen, rather than something that has happened. That prophecy that Mimir talks about has happened in another timeline, thus the reason the Serpent appeared in Midgard randomly one day, as Freya says. If you go back in time, you are either necessarily changing history and altering the future, or you create another timeline entirely separate. The latter is clearly what happens, in another timeline, Ragnarok comes to fruition and everything follows through accordingly, and Jormungandr is sent back in time before his own birth during his epis clash, thus creating another timeline. In this timeline, things are clearly screwy due to Kratos, and how Mimir says at the end of the game that “prophecy didn’t count on you.” Meaning Kratos is changing the events of Ragnarok. He triggers the events that lead to Ragnarok happening 100 years earlier, as Mimir states. In the other timeline, Kratos is most likely not present and the events unfold properly, thus the reason the serpent says he remembers the boy and not Kratos. 4. If Ragnarok has happened, then why is Mimir incessantly reminding us about how Odin is obsessed with avoiding Ragnarok and hoping to learn enough details about it to change the outcome? Or how he wishes to get into Jotunheim? Because if Thor and the other Aesir went to Jotunheim and slaughtered all those giants we see, then why does he want into Jotunheim? 5. The dead giants could be the result of a plethora of things, ranging from some kind of illusionary spell waiting for the Guardian, or when Thor visited Jotunheim and killed every giant in his sight during a wedding before Freya banished them from the realm, which is in a story told earlier in the game by Mimir, so that is not sufficient proof of an already Ragnarok in this timeline. But I could be wrong.

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