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God of War 8 - Retconning?

I've talked about this in a few threads so I figured I'd make a post. I noticed some possible evidence of retconning when I played through the Norse game, and it doesn't really bother me because there's no need to sweat the small stuff when the story is soooooo good, but if anyone has any thoughts on it I'd like to hear them. It'd be cool if Santa Monica cleared some of this stuff up especially going into Ragnarok where things will get really intense

  1. Gods being unkillable without the power of Hope/evils of pandora's box has gone away; Baldur is regarded as unique in his unkillable nature due to Freya's spell, Atreus kills Modi, and no one is shocked that Kratos could kill Magni or Mimir. Even the traps faced in Tyr's temple and Niflheim seem like they wouldn't have threatened the gods in the Greek games
  2. The power of Hope was linked to Kratos being able to forgive and accept his past sins in the Greek games, but they seem to have hit the reset button on that personal journey in this game. This also leaves some awkwardness in that Kratos is presented to us like he's new to being a father and has no idea how to talk to Atreus despite having a daughter, and it's a little weird that a plot point is him carrying his second wife's ashes when he's wearing his first wife's ashes on his skin and that's never really acknowledged
  3. Kratos never got sick like atreus despite being born a god as well. Also there's a lack of distinction between god and demigod. Atreus and Thor are both half giant, but both referred to as gods from the start. Magni and Modi are half human, which is what Kratos and Mimir thought Faye was, but they're called demigods. It's been hinted by Cory Barlog that the Red Storm we see have Atreus falls seriously ill is a direct result of a god's downfall on nature, just like how Greece got mad messed up when the Olympians were being killed, but if Atreus is only a demigod that wouldn't happen because the deaths of other demigods never had that impact, in the Greek or the Norse games
  4. Gods don't go gigantic form even though Zeus and Kratos and Ares used to do that a bunch and a lot of remarks about jotunn's unique size are made. The gods in the Greek games also displayed other general abilities that seemed to have been nerfed or removed. The only powers gods seem to have now is agelessness, enhanced strength, durability, and the power to heal (sometimes?) injuries. They use magic but this appears to not be exclusive to gods since they thought Freya was just a witch and it often stems from artifacts, weapons, or glowing tattoos

I don't think any of this stuff diminishes the quality of the games. In fact it makes me appreciate the new directions the Norse game took even more because I think it's a masterpiece. I just think it's helpful to clarify what the rules are going forward into Ragnarok since I expect there to be high stakes

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