God of War

Second thoughts on Niflheim

God of War 4 - Second thoughts on Niflheim

A few months ago after I completed the story and only had the trials of Muspelheim, Avaldis workshop, and the Valkyries left I grew apart from the game. I was stuck on the “don’t let Atreus get captured” trial. The Valkyries were getting too tough. And then there’s Niflheim.

I do not like timed segments in games, they stress me out, which I’m aware is what they’re supposed to do, but I don’t react well to that stress, and Niflheim is basically a timed segment. Add on to that the first several times I entered the workshop I was greeted by revenants, and I really had no clue what I was supposed to do in there. So I gave up. I put the game back in its case and started playing some others to take a break.


A few months later and a week ago today I popped that disc back in determined to get as far as I could until I couldn’t stand it anymore and start a NG+ because Gods damn it I love the story.

I am now 1 trial away from beating Muspelheim, damned Valkyries. And I am having a blast grinding through Niflheim. Once I realized I can leave the workshop with as few or as many mists as I found fit I did, obtained the key to the inner shop and finally realized what the F I’m supposed to do in there. I’m having fun again and I love it.

Why did I ever put this game away?

Thanks for reading.


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