God of War

Sigrun – New Game +

God of War 8 - Sigrun - New Game +

Spent about three hours last night taking on Sigrun after 4 or 5 tries on Sunday morning (just to get a taste). I came within 3 health bars of killing her one time, and 2 bars another time, but haven't been able to get over the hump yet. I'm on Give me a Challenge and am using the Ivaldi's mist + armor set. I've got the Talisman of Realms (I think? It's the one where you can slow down time).

This is a really tough fight, but I've gotten to the point now where I can dodge or parry most of her moves. My biggest issues have been:

1) when using rage – sometimes Sigrun starts shooting ice at me and it whittles down my health super fast and does major damage as soon as my rage runs out since I don't have time to block. A few of her moves cause this issue. I usually just mash r1 when I'm in rage, maybe I should mix in the r2 jump/ground pound and throwing the giant boulder?

2) I keep struggling with determining which move she's going to do when she jumps straight up in the air. The blinding light happens so quickly that by the time I know it's coming, it's too late. Then on the other one, the large area attack where you have to hit her with the axe, I keep turning around thinking it's the blinding attack. What's the easiest way to determine which one is coming?


Other than that, I feel like I'm in really good shape. Some videos I've seen, she will do the fast jump and stomp on you, but I haven't actually seen her do that once against me. She only does the one with the fireball (that the Muspelheim valkyrie would do) and that one is super easy to avoid now that I've gotten the timing down. She always does it once or five times, never anything in between. The spinning scythe attack is easy to avoid too, I just dodge the first one then parry the 2nd and it always staggers her. The attack where she lunges from the air at you with the scythe and if she misses, goes back and then lunges at you a total of 3 or 4 times is one I struggle with a little bit. I can usually dodge it once or twice, but she usually hits me with one of the swings. Also, the attack where she's close to you and there's a red circle and she pounds the ground is pretty easy to avoid now, she always follows that up by coming at you with a scythe swing, then either another scythe swing or she goes straight back and fires a fireball at you.

Any tips? I use Murder of Crows and it does a good amount of damage. I think moving forward I'm going to focus on only using the wrath of the frost ancient runic attack when I slow down time with the Talisman. Otherwise, sometimes it doesn't affect her and she lights me up with some powerful attack.

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