God of War

Sigrun Was Not the Hardest Valkyrie

God of War 2 - Sigrun Was Not the Hardest Valkyrie

I just finished the Valks on GMGoW and I honestly enjoyed all their battles. Once you knew their movesets it was just a matter of remaining calm. This is the ranking I would give:

  1. Hildr: The only hard part was the timer & getting to her, because ALL of her moves could easily be dodged or parried.
  2. Gondul: May have been because she was my last Valkyrie but her moveset was really easy to follow and there was an ample amount of space to the point that you couldn't get cornered. An occasional burn got annoying, but that's about it.
  3. Eir: Again pretty easy moves to counter/deal with. The one where she comes swinging in at you like a dark elf followed by another swing was tricky to deal with at first, but once I got it down (dodge back and then left). The only issue here would be claustrophobia: if you backed up in the wrong corner, you wouldn't be able to dodge certain moves.
  4. Gunnr: She was my first Valkyrie and I had no idea of how to deal with her. The most annoying part was the double wing swing because I could never tell what she was going to do next and how to dodge those attacks.
  5. Olrun: She was a fast one, and she would stomp on you before she finished shouting "Valhalla". But once you got the timing down as well as the dash to the left vs dash to the right gimmick she was doable
  6. Rota: It wasn't so much the multiple Valhallas as it was the multiple glides which were harder for me to adjust to. But overall, seemed like an endurance test.
  7. Geidriful: The aerial attacks were what got me, it was hard to decide whether she was going to throw blockable rings, the unblockable ring, or smokescreen you.
  8. Sigrun: She was a combination of all of the 8 and initially i decided to go right into this boss after i beat the 8th valkyrie but ended up failing at level 6 due to two attacks that became unblockable. Upon upgrading to level 7 those two moves became parryable, and i beat her in 3 tries. I actually really enjoyed this boss, and while it did seem like an endurance test at times, she used the exact same moves that I prepared to deal with over the past 8 valkyries. I think the hardest part was dealing with the double wing swing because I could never tell what she was going to do next (redo, spin, jab, or a parryable attack).
  9. Kara: She herself wasn't hard but man, dealing with the draugr was another level. After the first wave, the draugr were hell to deal with, especially the hammer swingers and the projectile draugr's. I remember several points where between Kara & the draugrs, one threw in a unblockable attack while the other one threw in an attack that knocked your guard/left you vulnerable. The tag teaming got really cheap at certain points and I remember being stuck on her for a good amount of time.

Honestly, Kara aside they were all fun to battle, and I would go as far as to say Kara and Baldur's final fight (his speed & the ice/fire phase made him low-key invisible) were harder than the queen.


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