God of War

Some final thoughts

God of War 5 - Some final thoughts

It’s been a little while since I completed the game, and I wanted to come back and express some of my final thoughts on this amazing installation.

First and foremost, I have never felt so much satisfaction in a video game than when I finally friggen beat the Valkyrie Queen. It took me days of trial and error to figure out her moves, when to block, when to dodge, and when to throw my axe. I must’ve drove my husband crazy with all the screaming at the tv and pouting around after a night of unsuccessful attempts, but I did it finally! The amount of strategy needed is unmatched in any other game I’ve played, and it truly was an amazing experience.

The other major point I wanted to bring up is how diverse different players can make their individual gameplay and strategy. My husband was skeptical about the game for most of the same reasons I was at first, but after some convincing and making him watch the Valkyrie Queen fight, he agreed to try it out. Needless to say, he’s hooked! But what I found interesting is the way he is playing is completely different from how I played. I went for a classic god of war feel, hacking and slashing away with the axe, and focusing on strength as my main attribute.

He on the other hand, found he enjoyed the runic abilities immensely, so he’s been focusing on runic builds more so than strength. He’s developed an awesome strategy of using both his runic abilities, then activating a talisman that fully restores the cooldown time so he’s able to use both of his runic abilities again almost instantly. He was able to absolutely demolish the two ogres at the end of fafnir’s storeroom is under 10 seconds using this strategy, I was blown away!

Once my husband is done with his play through, my goal is to start a NG+ on the hardest difficult, GMGOW. I’ve platinum-ed the game and finished everything else 100% (except for a few minuscule objectives), so this is the only logical next step. I’ve only ever gotten platinum on one other game (Prey 2017), and I beat it on the hardest difficulty, so I might as well do it with God of War as well. I played on the balanced difficulty, or normal difficulty, so I can’t imagine how hard the Valkyries are going to be on GMGOW.

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Anyway, I think that will conclude my collection of rambling thoughts on this spectacular game. Do we have any idea when the next one will be released? I’ve never pre ordered a game before but I might for the next game, I love it that much. As always, thank to anyone for reading, and enjoy God of War! 🙂

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