God of War

Some predictions and possible future details I’ve considered since learning about Norse mythology (please read!)

God of War 4 - Some predictions and possible future details I've considered since learning about Norse mythology (please read!)

I'm not going to be absolutist here, I'm just citing different things based on what I know and how it relates to what's in the game to spark conversation. So I'll make this as a list.

I'm not going to entertain any baseless assumptions, but I'll entertain some logical possibilities based on the source material. Just going off Norse mythology.

🔴 Surtr and the absence of Giants. It is said that he and his legion will return by way of the firmament (sky) cracking open. Perhaps there is a relation here with the wolves Skoll and Hati finally catching the sun and the moon. Also the fact that they're both Giants as well.

🔴 The absence of Giants in Jotunheim, Loki's missing children, and how Jormungandr got to Midgard:

(1) — I'm not referring to the time travel theory, I mean how he physically fell into the Lake of Nine. It's said that Odin banished Jormungandr to Midgard after sending the Aesir to capture the giants from Jotunheim to cheat their prophecies. He specifically captures Loki's children, hearing from the Giants' prophecies that they will be dangerous subjects in the future.

(2) — Fenrir is likely chained in Asgard by the ribbon of Gleipnir, with the sword in his mouth where he will lie in agony until Ragnarok. Perhaps this sword could be used as a weapon once he's set free. Also, Fenrir bit off Tyr's arm after he offered to fulfill Fenrir's demand of tribute before the Aesir bound him with Gleipnir. I know there are plenty theories about Tyr and Kratos, so speculate if you like.

(3) — As for Hel, Odin banishes her to Niflheim. That makes my comment about Helheim seem confusing, but here's the thing. Oddly in God of War, Nilfheim isn't like it is in Norse mythology. It's supposed to be a place that overlaps Hel, where the vilest souls go to be tortured (hence the death traps and poisonous fog in GOW's version of it). Hel logically made her way to Helheim by simply going to that area, as opposed to it being an entirely separate realm. I'm not sure what this difference could implicate.

Another interesting detail to consider is that Baldur ends up going to Helheim in the Norse story, which would suffice in the game given that Kratos doesn't kill him in combat, he kills him while doing a dishonorable thing; trying to kill his own mother. So it's logical to assume that Baldur is accurately in Helheim, not Valhalla. This would bring great anger to Odin, so I'm anxious to see what he'll do about it, which I'll get to.

🔴 That third point leads me to Hel (as in Loki's daughter) and the ship of Naglfar. It's possible that she could already exist somehow, like Jormungandr, but we don't know that. Naglfar is the ship Loki uses to attack the Aesir during Ragnarok. And perhaps Hel could be how we get out of Helheim, should we cross the Bridge of the Damned. I don't think it'd be mentioned for no reason (especially given that Freyja's warnings typically were preceded by lies and secrets being kept in her own interest), and Loki being Hel's father is the only way I'd theorize a return after crossing it. Hel also was central in attempt to bring Baldur back to life.

Another interesting tidbit is that Fafnir is said to have gone to Hel, just made me think of the Aesir's cool armored dragons. I wonder if he'll make his return and proceed to die in the next game.


🔴 Back to Baldur for a second, I'd like to point out why Odin imprisoned them. We can assume there will be an inevitable coming conflict between the Valkyries and Odin, given that Baldur will be sent to Helheim. Should this truly be the case, I'm sure Odin has his ways and will do whatever he can to cheat him into Valhalla (or again, the attempted ressurection). The Valkyries were already imprisoned by Odin, and I believe this could have been to prevent something like this from happening.

I also wonder what Freyja will do. My theory is she will ally with her ex-husband again to ressurect him. And we know that she has the magic to do so, as seen by her ressurection of Mimir's head.

🔴 Loki and the Aesir. In Norse mythos, Loki becomes a "member" (more like a flunkey) of the Aesir, destined to betray them. Should Kratos die and/or Atreus be captured, this could explain how Odin comes to possess the head of Mimir, as he did in the story (he consults Mimir in panic once the Giants invade Asgard, asking what he can do about Ragnarok). And would also explain how Loki will devise his plan to destroy them. Loki is bound in chains (if you want to make a big stretch, it could have to do with the Blades of Chaos) inside of a cave, with a venomous snake placed above his head to drip venom onto him as torture. Perhaps this could be related to Jormungandr's venom, which we know exists from the "Eitr imbued" prompt when Kratos's axe is thrown back.

Fun fact: Loki is captured by Thor after Odin finds his mountain cabin with 4 doors, seeing from his high seat, Hlidskjalf. Loki turns himself into a salmon to hide. Keep in mind, when Atreus found out he was a god, he asked if he could turn into animals.

🔴 Reasons we didn't observe the 3 other realms:

(1) — Svartalfheim (home of the Dwarves). It's said that the Aesir, who have been raising Fenrir since a pup, send Freyr's messenger there and asks the Dwarves to forge the ribbon of Gleipnir, to bind Fenrir as he continues to grow and lose control. Also a possibility for its debut is that Brokkr and/or Sindri could forge either Kratos or Atreus a new weapon to defeat the Aesir. That or simply something to do with a weapon in general.

(2) — Vanaheim because we could possibly battle Freyja there, or have to venture there for some reason relating to her. She's the only Vanir god present, and she's turned into our enemy. Vanaheim could also introduce us to Idunn and the Golden Apples, which the gods eat to maintain immortality. This could possibly be a reason why Odin forbids Freyja to return to Vanaheim, hoping that his other measures to prevent Ragnarok will suffice, and along the way she'll eventually die (a stretch, but it's possible). It's less of a stretch when you consider the fact that Odin also magically forbid her from harming anyone, or even defending herself in combat.

Another stretch is that Kratos could be ressurected, or healed, with the Golden Apples if he dies or is gravely injured.

(3) — And lastly, Asgard simply because it's Asgard. We're not ready for that yet, nor does Kratos have any reason or desire to go there. This is likely to be saved for Ragnarok, and I'm sure Odin has made measures to forbid Bifrost travel to his realm anyway.

That's about it. What are your thoughts?

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