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Some tips for playing on GMGOW difficulty I wanted to share (No Spoilers)

God of War 8 - Some tips for playing on GMGOW difficulty I wanted to share (No Spoilers)

These aren’t anything too specific, but just general tips that will absolutely help you conquer every battle of this game.

  1. The hardest part of this difficulty will be the beginning, if you can beat these sections then you can beat this game on GMGOW. If you aren’t going for any of the goals in this game (which grant you XP) then you’re going to have a very tough time getting through because otherwise the game will really make you earn the XP to help unlock some very useful skills early on (more on that in a second), but generally speaking, do anything and everything that can net you more XP in the Goals menu on the pause screen.

  2. Wall-pinning and leg tripping will help make the early game much, much easier. Launch an enemy in the air near a wall (even if it doesn’t look like a completely flat surface) and once you aim Kratos will often already be targeting that enemy, use a heavy throw (R2) aimed at the target and once pinned to the wall it’s a one-hit-kill. Doing this early in the game will net you some early XP much faster than if you just kill the early Draugr normally. Same thing with leg-tripping, it’s easy to rank up a bunch of these in the goal list early on, and of course it temporarily immobilizes your target so that helps. Early game before the open-world opens up, do these as much as you can, seriously.

  3. Attacks that launch enemies away from you are incredibly useful for crowd control and especially if you can knock them off ledges as those are insta-kills as well. Some people might think that’s cheap, but believe me it’s not. Pay attention to the arena and take advantage of the environment.

  4. Most fights play like DOOM 2016, you ALWAYS want to keep yourself moving and not stay in the same spot for too long. Even with a high defense stat, Kratos cannot tank hits, and there will be attacks and projectiles coming at you from every direction. Standing still will get you killed if you aren’t careful.

  5. Don’t be afraid of the skills that involve evading to attack or pausing to switch stances, especially later in the game as some enemies are easily interrupted by those skills. I know pausing to switch stances can come off as awkward, but that’s the trade off for a very strong and crowd controlling attack, good timing and smart execution.

  6. Swap between your arsenal often. Sometimes the game forces you to use your fists, but I found (personally) on my first playthrough I rarely used my fist attacks. Some enemies are more susceptible to being interrupted by punching attacks versus the axe and vice-versa.

  7. Make sure you know when to commit to your attacks. Some animations cannot be canceled out of, while others can. Do NOT button mash otherwise it could get you killed when you need to dodge or sprint away.

  8. Do ALL the side-quests immediately as they’re available, you’ll earn more XP and resources to upgrade your equipment. If you struggle to beat one, no shame in coming back later, but always make sure you finish them and reap your rewards as soon as possible.

  9. ALWAYS upgrade and use Atreus. He is unbelievably useful in battle, and can often distract enemies as well. Often times he’ll save your ass when your getting ganged up by a group of enemies whether it be due to his skills or by distraction.

  10. This is a very subjective suggestion, but I always prioritize Strength first, and then Defense, and then Luck. The reason why is because I find it’s the most useful when you invest in attributes that you use the most often. Runic and Cooldown are nice but they are too situational, but again that’s just my personal play-style.

And there ya go, if you haven’t tried this difficulty mode yet please do. This game’s combat is so delicious, Ragnarok couldn’t get here sooner.

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