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(SPOILERS!!!) How Odin will make Loki the trickster God (Theory)

God of War 4 - (SPOILERS!!!) How Odin will make Loki the trickster God (Theory)

Let's establish the facts about Odin and Loki.

Odin is a very smart but paranoid and fearful man. He only wants to survive Ragnarok at any cost. Due to this past actions he has a specific hatred for the giants. He killed the first giant. Probably out of envy and glory. They kept their secrets from him and their army is fated to battle him at Ragnarok. This would be enough for anyone to hate the people destined to destroy him but Odin's hatred goes deeper than that. One of Odin's greatest loves was the mother of Thor. Something must have happened with her death that fueled the fire of hate for the giants in both Odin and Thor.

Aterues/Loki is a strange god. Well he is a mutt. Half giant, quarter god from another place, and quarter mortal. He is shown to be great with languages as a trickster God should be but he also has Spartan rage and weather manipulation powers like Zeus as the weather changes when he yells at a dwarf. He will become an enemy of Odin out of revenge or duty for his mother's race.

Gow 4 has also set up various things. In real life mythology Loki has a ring that makes him invisible. In the game you find a ring with a trapped dwarf soul inside it and dwarves have the ability to travel in-between the realms making them appear to be invisible. But what is really interesting is the fact kratos likely brought the boots of Hermes with him. They were not destroyed in gow 3, would make his journey to the Norse realm much faster, and you can see them in a promo video. I predicted Loki will use this the ring and the boots to travel in-between realms and use the boots to make himself to run to places a dwarf couldn't as people will think he can't be stepping in-between realms like the dwarves because there is no way he could run fast enough to be where he was. Also Loki will likely learn the power of Witt by mimir teaching him.


So here is Odin's problem. How does discredit and turn the people against Loki. Odin doesn't want to admit there are other realms and gods as people will be tempted to move there to escape Ragnarok and the oppression of the gods, but there is no history of Loki and he isn't the son of the Norse gods. But that is not enough. Odin needs to discourage people from trusting/working with Loki. Sure people wouldn't automatically trust Loki at first but then they will once he earns their trust. Odin can't have that. He needs people to think he can't be trusted at all. that all he does is trick people. That is it. Make him a trickster God. There is no history of him? Say he uses magic to erase himself from all the panels. Loki appears in different locations very quickly by traveling in-between the realms and the boots of Hermes? Magic. It's just an image and he is somewhere else in order to trick you. Loki is good with languages because he will manipulate you with his words.

But here lies another problem. Not all tricksters are bad. How do you convince the people he is a malevolent being and not just some prankster. How do you make people hate him? Blame Ragnarok on him and every misfortune upon the gods. Change the panels to include Loki being an enemy. Tell people you undid his magic and restored the panels to what they are supposed to look like. Claim he is the father of the wolves that eat the sun and moon and start Ragnarok. In real life mythology Loki is the father of the wolves but they already exist in the game despite Loki being a boi. Loki discovered Baldur's weakness to his invincibility and killed him starting the winter to end all winters. This puts further blame on Loki and frightens people as they will think Loki must be very smart and savage to kill the invincible God. Loki is a giant, say the giants helped Loki to start Ragnarok to kill Odin. Odin will say the giants want him dead and will kill all the mortals too.

Now think of it from the people's perspective. The king of the gods shows you a different history where a deceiving trickster God is an enemy to the gods, someone whose words can't be trusted, the father of the wolves that will eat the sun and the moon, the person who killed an invincible God, starting an unending winter, a giant whose race is fated to fight Odin at Ragnarok. How in the nine realms could you believe Loki is actually a good person. I think this would make an interesting challenge in one of the future games, earning the people's trust back and bring back memories of how kratos was so distrusted and feared in the original games so much that people rather die than be saved by kratos.

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