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Spoilers : Potential of the Leviathan axe not fully realized when wielded by Kratos?

God of War 6 - Spoilers : Potential of the Leviathan axe not fully realized when wielded by Kratos?

Not looking for controversy, or a flame war…

Wondering if this may be the case, (if partially) with the Levithan Axe's power for a couple reasons…

Kratos, as shown in the last games, in spartan rage, & with the Blades of Chaos – is moreso a fire elemental god. Not the god of fire, obviously, but his attacks and powers are predisposed to invoke flames – the exact counter of ice and frost, which the Axe primarly is designed around. In more gaming terms: i would say the Leviathan is a bit nerfed when used by Kratos, due to conflicting elemental base. Again, not saying the Axe doesnt work with Kratos, easily it does, but perhaps not to its true potential.

another thing that has me thinking this was in Alfheim, when Atreus was left with the Axe, which im sure hes rarely, if not ever used – yet completely wrecked house on those dark elves. Sure you could say his arrows helped out a bunch, but given the boy is part frost giant, and the direct son of Laufey the Just, the Axe's original owner… id wager at that time fighting solo, Atreus tapped into a deadly (elemental/runic) affinity with the Axe due to his particular frost giant lineage.


there's then the statement from Brok and Sindri about the Leviathan Axe being a counter in power to the superweapon Mjolnir. Shown so far with Kratos, its not that fully realized, On the scale and consideration as a possible war deterrent. Yes, its the first game, but both weapons were crafted taking in mind the innate elemental powers of their respective wielders (frost/lightning). I think, instead of when in the hands of a flaming God of War, the Axe really works to its upper ceiling of destructive magic when wielded by a Frost giant. Same way Mjlonir was probably considerably less devastating in the hands of Thrymr, but an almighty weapon with Thor.

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All in all, im hyped to see more of the Leviathan Axe, jawdropping runic attacks of far greater scale too in the next game. Runic attacks covering the area beyond an arena size, having an attacks remnants of frost 'n tundra in nearby areas of the map. Seeing an elemental disaster of ice and frost on the same scale as Thor's reign of thunder!!! all the more fitting in/after Fimbulwinter

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